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Tips on Becoming Successful on the Forex Exchange Market

There are so many different investments out there and selecting the right one will not be easy. Taking the time to research the markets out there will make it much easier for a person to get a handle on what is the best fit for their needs. The Forex Exchange is one of the most […]

Forex trading: How to minimize the chance of losing

One of the first questions people have regarding the trading of foreign currencies is what is forex trading? For years now, people have made money picking rising and falling foreign currencies. Finding out the answer to what is forex trading can be easy with the right attitude. Making strides to improve one’s financial situation should […]

How to trade forex: benefits of learning

Why a Person Needs to Learn How to Trade Forex  For most people, finding a way to increase the amount of money that they have is a top priority. There are so many opportunities out there in the world of investments, which means a person will have to do a bit of research to find […]

British Pound: The biggest swing ever

   What made my trade profitable in the British Pound? I started jotting down my answers and realized that simple things really matter. A good day to start a Monday with a hot coffee, news paper ready, and Television on at my favourite “Financial News Channel” Bloomberg. Alone moment in my room seeing my computer […]

CFD trading setup in three simple steps..

CFD Trading Setup Hi all, A month ago James84 posted a question on the cfd tutorial: How to make money on CFD. His question was if I could give a detailed example of that lesson. In that lesson I explained the three steps that is needed to make money on CFD trading.  In this blog […]

Volkswagen share price downtrend again? Find out why

Hi all, Today on the 9th October 2016 we are going to discuss a little bit about a potential Volkswagen share price downtrend. And how you can make a profit from it. There is a serieus risk that Volkswagen share price downtrend will continue. It may look like that the Volkswagen share price is forming […]