Grand Capital traders are hard to beat on the first try. Interview with Vyacheslav Vyushkin, Futures Trade contest winner

If your goal is clear enough, you’re going to reach it sooner or later. Vyacheslav Vyushkov, the winner of round 44 of Futures Trade, has been longing to become a trader for a long time. And this ambition has finally borne fruit years later: profitable trades and successfully developed strategies. In the interview Vyacheslav shared his reflections on what’s the difference between the contest and real trading and told us why he simply doesn’t distinguish futures from currency pairs.

«I rely on my intuition and BB indicator»

My line of work is civil engineering, construction of roads and aerodromes, but perestroika made me a jack-of-all-trades. As far back as the previous century I read a book on Forex and became extremely enthusiastic about becoming a trader. In the early 2000s I went to trading classes, took a loan, bought a PC and lost my first deposit. Yet I persistently kept on learning and trying. After all these years I realized that the biggest mistake of all traders is to expect the price to reverse to win back the deposit. But the price just keeps going in the same direction and traders lose their deposits. I have learned this the hard way, and I always try to close trades promptly. Usually I look for a good price movement in the charts and place trades there. I have developed quite a few strategies, but mainly I rely on my intuition and BB indicator (Bollinger Bands indicator). I don’t distinguish between futures, currency pairs and other instruments. Price movement is always unpredictable and you need to make a forecast.

The difference between the contest and real trading strategies lies in the degree of risk and execution speed

When choosing a broker, I look up traders’ reviews and only then I look at swaps, bonuses and contests. Futures Trade wasn’t my first contest. I think Grand Capital traders are hard to beat on the first try. My strategy for contests is different from real trading by the degree of risk and execution speed. If you compete with a multitude of seasoned traders and don’t risk large numbers of lots, someone else would come first. You may not believe it, but it was solitude that helped me win this round. My wife was away at the time and I free from her “When are you going to throw away the Christmas tree?” nagging. Of course it’s a joke, but peace and quiet surely contributed to my victory. I like everything about Grand Capital contests. I like the intensity, brain exercise, and an opportunity to test my strategy. I wish all traders not to give up!