In 2016 Grand Capital received ISO certificate, which means that Grand Capital management system meets the requirements of the international standard (ISO 9001-2011).

It’s great news for everyone at Grand Capital. We put together this 101 on the subject: what is ISO, why ISO standards are important for the company, and on top of all that, how it benefits our clients.

What is an ISO standard?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. The organization was founded in 1946 and since that time has been engaged in developing and issuing international standards for various fields. The company’s name is a reference to a Greek word “isos”, meaning “equal” and is recognized in every language. Thus, the name perfectly reflects the idea of ISO: equal conditions and equal international standards.
ISO standard is a document that specifies the requirements for products, procedures and services. Certified organizations examine a certain company in accordance with ISO standards and issue a corresponding certificate. ISO standards are constantly being edited and updated.

Why is it important for the company?

ISO international standards provide tools for development. They help companies to enter new markets, increase sales, win clients’ loyalty and improve their production system.
Grand Capital received ISO certificate that is applicable to such fields as advisory services, auditing, design, development, implementing, testing and maintenance of software, automated information systems, robotic systems, system solutions, business applications.

How it benefits our clients?

ISO certificate is not mandatory, but it’s a kind of benchmark of quality for companies. The presence of the certificate guarantees that the company provides reliable and safe services that meet the international standards.
Grand Capital cares about quality of the services it provides. We hope that our clients will continue to enjoy our products and services.

Grand Capital team.