Grand Capital weekly recap (15 – 19th of May)

Meet the results of the trading week 15-19th of May.

The most active client

In one week placed 1296 trades, including 828 profitable ones and 565 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved AUD/CAD, EUR/GBP, AUD/CHF, EUR/NZD.

Maximum deposit growth

In one week on a single account was $52 331,00.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$32 400,00. The trade was opened on the 24th of April at 13:04 and closed on the 17th of May at 16:27.

The most interesting instruments chosen by traders:

  • # CT — Cotton futures. Traded on ICE. The contract size is 50 000 pounds (around 22,68 tons). One pip is 0,01 and costs $18,75;
  • # NG — Natural gas futures. The majority of contracts are traded at NYMEX in New York. The contract size is 10 000 mil BTU. BTU is the only — это unit of energy used in the US. 1 pip equals 1/1000 and costs $10;
  • # SI — Silver futures contract. Traded on COMEX. The contract volume is 5000 troy ounces (around 155,5 kg). Minimum price change: $0,005 per ounce or $25,00 per contract;
  • # NIKE — American company, a well-known producer of sportswear. The brand is estimated at $10,7 bln, which makes it the most expensive trademark in the sports industry. From September 2013 it is included in the Dow Jones index;
  • # AMAZON — American company, the largest online seller of goods and services. Amazon.com service includes 34 categories of goods, including e-books, household electronics, food and much more.

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