MetaTrader 4 : Why should you use it?

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What is MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is one of the advanced platforms (trading software) that provides. You can use it to trade or analyze in CFD’s, Forex or Indices.


Why trade in MetaTrader 4?

Fast and efficient

In fast moving markets like ours you will need a fast and efficient platform to react on great chances that come and go. It is very disappointing when you miss such a chance, so a fast platform is uch needed. A lot of platforms, especially web versions have a high latency, which could lead to missing profits. MT4 needs to be installed on your computer and this is the main reason this program runs faster.

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MetaTrader 4 |

Open and close positions with the lowest latency

With MT4 you receive the lowest latency (also called lag), which leads to less requotes and the best prices for traders.


One-click trading

This feature works amazingly fast. Open a position with just one mouse click.


Create advanced graphs for technical analysis

Using MT4 you get to create amazing and advanced graphs for your chosen CFD’s, stocks or Forex. Use these real-time graphs for your technical analysis to increase your chances to profit. You can even save your graph layout as a template, to use it for newer graphs.

Learn how we trade in MT4 here (coming next week).


MetaTrader 4 |

Wide range of world class and powerful indicators

Add indicators like Boillinger Bands and/or Fibonacci with just one mouse click. You can even make your own!



If you want to take your trading to the next level, learn to use MetaTrader 4!


Download MT4 and start taking your trading to the next level

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online stocks trading profit

Online Stocks Trading in CTRIP: 1019 euro Profit

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By trading stocks online in a smart way, we made 1019 euro profit yesterday. In this article we will introduce you to trading smart in stocks by explaining it with a real example.  After reading this article you can start trading too.

Online stocks trading: how did we make  a profit?

Trading in CFD is not only about luck. Using a strategy would up your chances by a lot to profit. Yesterday we found a good stock to trade: CTRIP, we opened a buy position (long) at stock price 65.70 and closed it at price 74.34, which made us a profit of 1019 euro with 400 euro. So how did we do this?


Online stocks trading profit

Step 1. Find a reason to trade

The first and most important step in online stocks trading is to find yourself a motive to trade. So why did we choose CTRIP? First of all, we knew that it’s quarterly report was going to be released and whenever news like that comes out, a stock has super high volatility. We also found out that this news was going to be positive. How? We read about the company, we did a simple Google search. CTRIP is a Chinese online travel agency for booking flights, hotels and trains. So we found out that CTRIP is a online technology company and by watching the economic news we know that technology companies are doing well in these times. We then went to the investors page of the company (every stock company has one) to read the latest news and the previous quarterly report and did a quick analysis. All was positive. This has made us decide to open a buy (long) position on CTRIP, because we expected that the newest quarterly report would also be positive. This means we think that the stock price will increase after report release.

Trading with positive or negative news is what you call ‘Fundamental Analysis‘. Read more about how to use fundamental analysis to profit at this page.

Step 2. Opening and closing a position

After reading about the company we also found out when this report was going to come out. It turns out that it would come out after-market. This means after market close. In the online stocks trading world observation is one of the most important things that all traders must do before entering the market. So we decided to watch the position all day and find the perfect time to open a buy position. We decided to open a buy position right before market close with 400 euro when the stock price was at a low price. We deposited the money, not more and not less because we don’t want to lose more than we deposited.

Aftermarket close the news of the quarterly report came out and it turned out to be, like expected, positive. During the night we could see that the aftermarket price was rising over 10%. This means a big win! At market open, the next day, the price rose around 13%, we decided to wait till market open and close the position as quickly as possible, because whenever a price is rising that much there could be a big sell-off, which results in a stock price decrease. So after the market opened, we closed the position immediately to lock the profit and gained ourselves 1019 euro profit.


online stocks trading profit

CFD’s: Trade with a small deposit like a big trader

How did we make so much money with only 400 euro in online stocks trading? Well, we traded in CFD stocks, which gave us a leverage of 1:20. With leverage you can trade with a small deposit as a big trader. This meant for us: trading with 400 euro was actually worth 400 * 20 = 8000 euros. So we could trade 8000 euro worth of stocks with only 400 euro, which means we can profit 20 times more than our deposit, but we cannot lose more than our deposit. Which is awesome, but only when you use the right strategy.

Plus500: Trading in CFD’s with a leverage of max. 1:30. Open a free account here.

markets_logo Trading in CFD’s with a leverage up to 1:20. Open a free account here.

ava_trade_logo Trading in CFD’s stocks with a leverage of 1:10. Open a free account here.

Step 3. Evaluate the result

In the online stocks trading world it is important to evaluate your trade after closing a position. Write it down in your plan, tell the document what you did and why you did it, because that is the only way to learn from your profits and also mistakes. This way you can adjust your strategy until you find one that fits you the best.

So in short…


online stocks trading profit

Step 5: How to recognise buying signals

How to trade forex successfully

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You might wonder how you can trade Forex successfully. After reading this article you will know how to trade forex and make money on it. So make sure you study this article well. We will first explain you the forex basic terminology , guide you through to open an CFD account at a broker and give you tips on choosing currencies pair to trade in profitable.

How to trade Forex lesson 1: Choose a good broker that fits your needs.

On our website you can read our reviews of different broker at the section compare brokers. In this article we are going to use the Plus500 software. Plus500 is one of the best CFD trading platform at the moment. As a new trader , you will receive a 20 Pound or 25 Euro welcome bonus when you have open an account. One of the best thing at Plus500 is that you have a unlimited time for a demo account. This way you can learn and practise on how to trade forex with CFD’s.

Open a Plus500 account by clicking on this link.

Video 1: How to open a Plus500 account and receive my welcome bonus



Video 2 : How to trade in CFD with Plus500


* When you click on sell it means that you are going short and when you click on buy you are going long.

*At Plus500 you have a leverage of 1:200. Which means you can make alot of money with a small investment.

How to trade forex : understand the forex basic terminology

Before you start in trading forex , you need to understand the forex basic terminology first.

  1. The value of a currency is determined by its comparison to another currency. That’s why you will see currency pairs and no single currency when you are trading in the forex market. The first currency of a currency pair is called the base currency and the second currency is called the quote currency. The objective of a currency pair is show how much of the quote currency is needed to purchase one base currency.
  2. In forex trading, you basically sell one currency to buy an other currency. The exchange rate tells you how much money you need to spend in quote currency to buy one base currency. For example, if you want to purchase some Euro’s using the US dollar, you will see an exchange rate that looks like this: EUR/USD=1.1009. What this rate tells you is that you’ll need to sell 1.1009 dollars to buy one Euro.
  3. If you take a long position  it means that you want to buy the base currency and sell the quote currency. In our example above, you would want to sell U.S. dollars to purchase Euro as you expect the Euro will go up in value.
  4. If you take a short position then it means that you want to buy quote currency and sell base currency. So in this case you would  want to sell the Euro  and buy U.S. dollars.
  5. The bid price is the price at which the market is willing to pay for to buy your base currency in exchange for quote currency. The bid is the best price at which you are willing to sell your quote currency on the market.
  6. The ask/offer price is the price at which the market wants to sell base currency in exchange for quote currency. The ask price is the best available price at which you are willing to buy from the market.
  7. A spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask/offer price.

How to trade forex succesfully? The answer to that is : Understand what the current market condition is.

As you may have already know. The market can go in three direction.

1. Bullish direction ( = uptrend , where prices go higher)

uptrend-graph- how- to-trade-forex

How to trade forex in uptrend

2. Bearish direction (= downtrend, where prices go lower)


How to trade forex in a downtrend

3. Sideways direction (= indecision trend , where prices have no clear direction of where they want go)

sideway-trend- how-to-trade-forex

How to trade forex in a sideway trend

If you want to know how to trade Forex succesfully then follow these formula steps of

1. Confirm the market condition. Is it in a bullish trend , bearish trend or sideways trend.

2. Put in the price in the stop loss order. ( This way you minimize the loss if the trade goes bad)

how- to-trade-forex-with-stoploss

how to trade forex with using stoploss order

3. Open the first position with a small amount of money. When are you start making a profit it means that the current market condition is still intact and you can increase your position with more money to make a good profit. That is how to trade forex with more succes by using the profit as a confirmation of the market condition.

That’s it for now. Come back to where we will provide you the knowledge and tips so that you can make more profitables trades. But for now let start trading!

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forex day trading

Forex day trading with currencies in 24 hours


In this article we are going are going to inform you on how you can trade for money in a short period of time. After reading this article you will know what Forex Day Trading is all about. Don’t worry even if you have never trade before, this article will help you to understand what forex day trading is. Once you know what it is, you can trade by applying some of our techniques that’s been written in this article.

How does Forex Day Trading work?

Forex day trading is one way of performing foreign exchange trading within a time frame of 24 hours. You can open and close as many positions as you want in a day.  Sometimes its better to hold a position over night.When this happens, your deal will be automatically renewed at 22:00 GMT each night until the deal closes. There is something that you should know upon the renewal you will be charged a fee for rolling the deal for an extra 24 hours. This fee will be collected once a day when the deal is renewed. The fee will be collected from your Free Balance. And if by chance you don’t have a sufficient free balance then your credit card will be debited. If you don’t have a creditcard , then next time you have a free balance and execute a withdrawal from your account, the amount owed due to non-payments of the rolling fee will be deducted from the amount you have withdrawn.

Now back to answer the question on how to trade for money with forexBefore you open a position to trade, you will need to have a trading plan first.

Our strategy

If you want to know of how we set up a trading plan, then you can read it here: Trading plan

What we do when we have  a forex day trading is as follow :

  1. Determine the market condition (trend) of each currency pair. If you want to know of how determine a market condition then you can read it here : Determine Market condition with technical analysis
  2. Then make a trading plan
  3. We then look at the economic calendar to see which data release can have an impact on the forex day trading currencies. We usually look at the economic calendar of
  4.  After we found an interesting currency pair to trade in , we then use the one minute chart and hourly chart to see for which price point should we buy in the market. To determine the price point we have to indentify  the market cycles or the support and resistance lines in one minute chart and hourly chart.

All of these steps together takes only around 20-25 minutes to do it. The more often you do it the lesser time you will need to do these four steps.

Yes, it is possible to trade with 100 euro and be good at it

[member]We at trade in Forex with CFDs. The reason for it is that you can make more money as you have a high leverage ration. At Plus500 and Markets the leverage ratio is 1:200. What that basically means is that for every 100 euro that you are investing you are basically investing 20.000 euro. The forex market is a big market therefore if you want to trade in currencies you would need a lot of capital for a small gain, with CFDs you don’t have to and profits are higher because the leverage advantage. If you want to know what the forex market is then you can read it here : Forex market

The other day i didn’t have much time but i wanted to show a friend of mine that can you make money in forex day trading within a time frame of ten minutes with 100 euro. See the picture below for the result of that trade.

Forex day trading profit in small time window

Make money with 100 euro in forex day trading


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Alibaba stock: Good or no good?

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After their IPO on 19th September 2014 the price of Alibaba stock was started at $92,30. And reached the highest price of $120 on the 14th of November 2014. From there the stock price of Alibaba declined to $82,15 today 21th of April when writing this article.


What causes the declining?

Well since Alibaba’s highest pike on the 14th of November, the company have been receiving critics from Chinese regulators on their e-commerce activities, forecasts that missed estimates and Alibaba is also currently facing slow growth in sales. And don’t forget the Chinese e-commerce market is growing that fast as many are expecting it.


What to do now?

Alibaba is still facing many challenges; they are still testing the waters of the international markets. Jack Ma announce a while back that Alibaba is going to focus a lot more on making money international then only on China. In the long term might succeed in this but in the short term its going to be difficult. Having Amazon as a competitor…

On the other hand Alibaba profits are still rising and sales are still good despite it didn’t met the expectations of many analysts. And Alibaba is making big investments in small tech us companies that could give Alibaba a good return on their investment. One the start up company that Alibaba have invested in is SnapChat.

We at are thinking on holding Alibaba stocks with put options. We might go in the swing trade with CFD’s on Alibaba stocks.

Alibaba stock Price Movement 21-04-2015

As you can see from the screenshot. From march till now the Alibaba stock price movement has been and still is in a indecisive trend. You might have notice the double inside bar which indicates that the indecisive trend will continue. On 7th may 2015  Alibaba company will  announce their first quarter results. We think that day is the day that might end the indecisive trend of Alibaba stock price movement. If the results are good and Alibaba stock price close above 85 dollars we might get a uptrend of Alibaba. And if the results are bad and the stock price of Alibaba closes below 80 dollars we might get a downtrend of Alibaba.

Step 2: Setting up financial goals

What is Forex? An indepth look

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Forex definition

Forex is short for Foreign exchange. This market is the supply and demand of currencies. If you’ve ever traveled to a foreign country, you will exchange your currency to the one of the foreign country so you can pay for stuff. The price you pay for the other currency is the exchange price, which is determined by the Forex market.

Exchange price

The exchange price is the value of the currency in relationship to the other currency. If the exchange price is favorable to you, it means that your currency is more expensive than the one you are exchanging it to. This is where you can profit in this market.

So for example:

Let’s say you are French and you travel to America. You bring euros with you and want to exchange the euros into dollars. At the airport you go to the currency exchange and find out the rates. You see that euro to dollar rate is 1.1200 at the moment. This means 1 euro is worth 1.12 dollars at the time you are exchanging your money. So if you exchange 100 euros to dollars, you receive 112.00 dollars.

So how do you profit from this? Let’s take our previous example and let’s say that the euro to dollars rate has gone to 1.0000 the next day. So 1 euro is now worth 1 dollar. You still have 112.00 dollar and you exchange it back to euro. You now receive 112 euro. Hey, wait a second! You had only 100 euro when you first exchanged your money and now you have 112 euro. This means you have 12 euro of profit now. This is how you profit from the Forex market.

Bigger profits with online brokers

Now 12 euro isn’t much profit for the price you deposited. If you use a good online broker though, like the ones we suggest, you can get good leverage. With leverage, like explained earlier, you can make more profit than you deposit. So with only 10 bucks you can profit 30, 50 or even 100, but only if you trade well, and practice a lot. It’s not realistic that you can gain profits with no practice. With no practice and bad methods trading is risky!

Online brokers

In the trading world you can trade in currencies without traveling to a foreign country. You can do this with the help of online brokers. Doing this you can trade independently and profit in your comfortable home.

If you haven’t opened a trading account yet, you should do it now, because it might take a while before your registration is checked. You will also receive a welcome bonus, which you can use to practice our tips!

Big volumes

As I told you, the Forex market is big. That means the volume in which you will trade is also big.

For example:

  • The NYSE stock daily trading volume is about 25 billion dollars.
  • The Forex market has a daily trading volume of 1.5 trillion dollars.

Take a look at my graph here:


As a conclusion, the Forex market is almost 60 times bigger. This means you can trade two dollars and make a hundred profit in only one minute, if you trade correctly.

Be aware though, this also means you can lose your money. Just be aware which broker you choose, because if you choose rightly, the broker you choose won’t let you lose more than your deposit. So play it smart and you can earn good money in the Forex market.

Just be sure to keep on reading our Forex guide, practice in demo, but also practice with real money. Practicing with real money is important, which I will explain in the section ‘how to practice’ later.

Step 4: Trading journal

Why trade in Forex?

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Forex is one of the biggest trading markets in the world. You can participate in this market and profit very fast with very little. In this section we will explain to you how we trade in Forex and why you should start too.

If you haven’t opened a trading account yet, you can do it here and receive a welcome bonus, which you can use to practice our tips!

So why trade in Forex?

Forex is one of the biggest, if not, the biggest trading market of the world. This market is this big because everyone participates in it, including you, your mom and probably your neighbour. Any non-trader participates in it, because the Forex market is where you trade currencies. Every person who has exchanged their currency for money from a foreign country has (probably) unawarely traded in the Forex market. If you’ve ever traveled, you’ve probably exchanged your currency to a different one and when you engage in this transaction, you are actually trading in the Forex market.

Aside from the reason that a big market means bigger profits with small deposits. There are many more reasons why you should trade in Forex.

Increased interest

Interest in this market has increased, especially the last few years. This is because of the ability of trading online. Everyone can participate. That is why it has been decided that there should be supervision on this market from the SEC. This increases the trust in this market. More trust means more investors and this also means more profit.

Biggest market

So over the years the Forex market has become the biggest investing market in the world. Every day trillions of currencies is traded over the whole world. And the more trades, the more money you can make.

Working from home

Are you sitting in a dusty office where you do tasks for your boss, mindlessly? Imagine this instead: sitting at home or anywhere in the world with your laptop, making good money for a living. Whenever you want, however you want. Freedom.

What distinguishes the Forex market is that there isn’t a physical location for trading like the stock market. The Forex market is a ‘Over-The-Counter’ (OTC) market, this means that trading in this whole market is done electronically. So this is what enables you to work from home. A big reason to look into Forex. If you practice a lot you will be able to work from home.

If you haven’t opened a trading account yet, you should do it now, because it might take a while before your registration is checked. You will also receive a welcome bonus, which you can use to practice our tips!

While your registration is being checked, read on and we will explain to you how this big bad world works! So aside from being able to work from anywhere in the world, whenever you want, there are more reasons to become a Forex master.

Open 24 hours a day

The Forex market is also the ONLY market that is open 24 hours a day. The stock market is only open on work times from 9am to 5pm, but what makes this market so great is that it’s open 24 hours every workday. It’s only closed in the weekends, but that’s okay, after all the Forex excitement you will endure during the day, you will want off during the weekends.

What does this mean for you? You can trade any time you like. You can even work at a part time job and do this part time if you’d like. Complete freedom. Start whenever you want, quit whenever you want.

No commisions, mediator nor fixed quantities

Aside from the above advantages of this world, there are also no commisions, no mediators nor fixed quantities. This means it costs you less than the stock market as you can decide how you trade, and how much you trade. You can even start with only 10 dollar.

Low transaction costs

As if the list of advantages isn’t long enough. The transaction costs of your positions are also lower than the stock market, but this is ONLY the case if you choose the right online brokers. Which we can help you with, check out our online brokers page.

Less fraud

There is also less fraud in this market. Read about black swans in the stock market and you will understand.

So after reading these advantages, you should understand why we trade in Forex. Next in these sections I will explain some more about this market and also teach you how to trade in a well manner, because trading without knowledge is very risky. Keep that in mind. Skip to our how-to section here.

The best thing about the Forex market: leverage

Save the best for last: a different seduction of the Forex market is that you get leverage. Leverage makes it possible to trade with a small deposit as a big deposit, this is what makes it possible to profit well from a small deposit. Trading well, will prevent you from losing more than your deposit.


A online broker provides you with a leverage of 1:50. This means that your deposit of 50 dollar can buy or sell currency pairs for 2500 dollar.

If you haven’t opened a trading account yet, you should do it now, because it might take a while before your registration is checked. You will also receive a welcome bonus, which you can use to practice our tips!