Hello newbie,
Since I started this thread, I will have to be the first one that does the introducing.

My name is Khanh. I am a member of 101trading. I started trading when I was in college. The reason why i started to trade was that I was looking for a way to earn some extra money beside my parttime job. I started to trade in stocks and options. After a few years I started to trade forex as well. The reason why I started to trade in Forex late was because the minimum investment was too high for me. But since the revolution of CFDs it gave me the oppertunity to start trading forex with a small amount of capital with the possibility of huge profits.
At the moment the GBP/USD and EUR/USD are my favourite currency pair.

Just a few things to know

1. Keep the post to the related topic. Which in this case means its all about you
2. All the the non introduce post will be removed. So if you have any questions just open a new topic

Thats all, happy trading all. Looking forward to get know all of you.