101trading Facebook shares on plus500

Plus 500 Tutorial: How to Buy and Sell Facebook (CFD) Stocks

It wasn’t until May 18th, 2012 where the company allowed investors to buy and sell Facebook stocks within the NASDAQ market. Facebook is a stable company, and is a popular choice amongst novice and veteran traders. Thus, it’s a great choice for first time investors to get started in the stock market. We’ll show you […]

facebook stock

Facebook stock is moving into a Bullish Trend

Hi guys, Today we are going to take a look on Facebook stock. We are going to look at three things. Number one:  Facebook stock performance Number two: How is the company doing in term of business Number three: How to make money on Facebook stock Facebook Stock Performance Facebook stocks have been doing good […]

facebooks-notify news app

Facebook Notify news app: Will it succeed?

On the 4th of November Facebook announced that they will roll out a new app. The name of this app is Notify. In this blog you will get to know what this Notify app does , what its revenue model is and discover wether the Facebook Notify news app will be a successful or not. […]

Facebook share price forecast q3: Bullish or Bearish on?

Facebook share price forecast q3: Bullish or Bearish on?

Hi all, In today’s blog we are going to share our Facebook share price forecast q3. In a few  hours Facebook will announce their earnings. Will the earnings of Facebook beat the expectations of Wall Street? If Facebook does manage to beat the expectations then the share price will probably continue to go up. If […]