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Trading Oil

Trading Oil: 3 simple steps to recognise a trading opportunity

Hi guys, welcome to today’s blog. In this blog we are going to talk about on how you can recognise a opportunity to  make money on trading oil while taking into account your risk of loss. Trading Oil Step 1: Recognise the market condition When you are trading as with many other traders, you would […]

CFD broker

CFD trading cost: How to calculate it in simple steps

Hi all, In this third part of the online CFD course we are going to explain what the CFD trading cost are. The first part was all about what a CFD is and what the advantages were from using CFD. The second part of the online CFD course was about how you could make money […]

volkswagen shares

Volkswagen shares: Time to buy or not…

In this article we are going to discuss whether it is time to buy Volkswagen shares. We will outline the pro’s and cons of buying Volkswagen shares. After reading this article you can make your own decision whether you should start in Volkswagen shares or not. What have happened to Volkswagen shares? The American authorities […]

cfds dividends

CFDs Dividends – How does it work? Find it out here

CFDs dividends. Did you know that you could get dividends that are paid on shares with CFDs? It is really simple. In this article you will get to know when to invest in cfd’s to get the dividends. And you will find out how the dividends dates will  influences your CFDs dividends position. If you […]


Bitcoin value aiming for new heights

It’s has been a while that we have heard of the Bitcoin. Since its all high-ranking peek of $1124.76, the Bitcoin value have mainly dropped down in price. However since the begin of June the Bitcoin value have been increased by 10% so far. In this article we are going to look to see if […]

day trading

Day trading, make some money beside your full time job

Maybe you have done or are doing this yourself. Trading under work time and after work . But I have certainly done this before when I was in my second year of trading back then. In this article you will get to know how I made money when I still had a full time job. […]


Grexit: The possible consequence

With the Greece Referendum all tension will be on today’s with the voting results. Will Greece say yes or no to the plans of the EU? On Friday some traders and investors are already selling their position or are buying new positions to benefit from the Greece current situation. Today in this blog we will […]

cfd trading mindset

Trading Mindset has a big influence on making profits

What is a trading mindset? Hi all, As a trader I am not only constantly looking for opportunities to make a good profit but I also look ways to improve my trading skills. For me it is fun to see my profits increase after I have implemented something of what I have learned. Trading Mindset […]

MetaTrader 4 : Why should you use it? is trading platform for Forex and CFD’s and is owned by SafeCap Investments Limited. have won several awards for being the best online broker and for having the best customer support. Read our full review here. Compare our top pick brokers here Sign up for a free 20 pounds welcome bonus […]