Bitcoin Private: A Cryptocurrency Review

When Bitcoin was developed, it had problems in regards to privacy and transaction speeds. While its possible to create privacy-centric elements to it, it’s not easy and requires a hard fork for it to happen. Bitcoinprivate is a hard fork between Bitcoin’s algorithm and Zclassic’s advanced privacy features. Specifically, it will use z-snarks to remain private. We’ll introduce you to this new cryptocurrency and how you can benefit from using it today.




What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of BTCP?

Peer-to-Peer Network

Bitcoinprivate is a peer-to-peer network that specializes in private and decentralized transactions. As a result, there are no intermediaries needed to when conducting trades with this coin.The transactions are verified via nodes before they are sent to miners for their approval. Since it has a larger block size, and peer-to-peer capabilities, it’s designed to scale. This means that the more users who are on Bitcoinprivate’s network, the more effective it becomes.

Fair Start

Some new cryptocurrencies are premined, which can leave new users at a disadvantage. Bitcoinprivate is released in a fair manner for its entire userbase. The coins will be sent out on a 1:1 basis to ZCL (Z-Classic) and BTC (Bitcoin) holders.

Open Source

Plus, bitcoinprivate’s codebase is open for verification and viewing by everyone. This allows for experienced programmers to find existing problems within its system, and fix and create changes within them. Rest assured that Bitcoinprivate will be maintained protected by an ever-growing community.

Block Size

Its main disadvantage is its large block size. Even though its block size is 2MB (in comparison to BTC’s 1MB block size), this means that it will take longer for miners to process it. The larger block size will take up more bandwidth, which can lead to more energy costs in the long run.


How to get BTCP?

How to get BitcoinPrivate

How to get BitcoinPrivate

There are two ways that you can obtain BTCP. Since it’s not currently out yet, investors will have to buy it via obtaining Z-Classic. Due to its 1:1 token distribution ratio, if you own 15 Z-classic, you’ll have 15 BTCP in your wallet after the fork takes place. Right now, you can buy ZCL through Cryptopia, Bittrex, and Alternatively, you can mine some ZCL to obtain some BTCP. Make sure that you install Zclassic’s official desktop wallet to ensure that you’ll receive BTCP after the fork. For more info go to: BitcoinPrivate site


What makes BTCP So Special In Comparison to BTC and BCH?

Here is a table that highlights the difference between the three main cryptocurrencies:


Fork Compare Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Max Supply 21 Million 21 Million 21 Million
Privacy Z-snarks (Zero Cash) None None
Block Size 2 MB 1 MB 8 MB
Block Interval 2.5 Mins 10 Mins 10 Mins
Replay Protection Yes No No
Difficulty Adjustment Each Block 2 Weeks 2 Weeks


Now, we can see the noticeable differences between Bitcoinprivate, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. While it does have a larger block size than Bitcoin, it has the highest level of privacy out of the three. Because of that, users should look into Bitcoin private as it provides a safer network that conducts faster transactions and keeps each user’s information protected while it’s in use.



What makes Bitcoin Private so special? Not only is it forked by Z-cash, one of the most private cryptocurrency networks in the market, but it’s also backed by Bitcoin’s existing algorithm. This means that it is a reliable coin to invest in due to its owner’s previous history, and its future growth potential. Do you have any additional questions regarding Bitcoinprivate?

Tell us in the comments below.






litecoin development december 2017

Litecoin’s Development: How Did it Perform This December?

Litecoin development has been a trending topic amongst the crypto community. In fact, Litecoin’s prices and value has skyrocketed amongst its peers. We’ll discuss how its rise in December happened and give insights on why you should invest into it.

litecoin development december 2017

litecoin development december 2017


Price Analysis

litecoin development decemember2017

litecoin development decemember2017

Litecoin’s value increased dramatically during December. According to CoinMarketCap, it’s the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the world. Since its development in 2008. Litecoin has gained a huge following and a market value of over $15 billion dollars. When it comes to litecoin development, its price value raised from $4 from the beginning from the beginning of the year to an all time high of $322.

Litecoin increased by 2,950% in value! Due to the market corrections that have been occurring during the past weeks, Litecoin has still remained stable and still retained its user base. Right now, its valued at $256 per coin. So if you look at the whole year performance, Litecoin is still in a bullish trend.


Bubble Concerns

Market analysts and observers have voiced their concerns on cryptocurrency. They believe that the current Litecoin development has reached a bubble and won’t exceed its value. Many cryptocurrencies increased in price during December. Litecoin development throughout this month provide substantial evidence against the assertion that the prices of these cryptocurrency assets have inflated.

While developers alleviated most concerns that analysts expressed, others aren’t fully convinced. 64% of institutional investors believe that Litecoin’s market bubble will burst by the beginning of 2018.


Litecoin Founder, Charlie Lee Sells All His Coins

charlie lee litecoin creators

charlie lee litecoin creators

Charlie Lee, the head developer and creator of Litecoin had recently sold all of his coins. He “sold and donated” his coins to prevent a conflict of interest. His reasonings behind his actions was because he wanted to ensure long-term growth for litecoin development and its network.

He stated “Litecoin has been great for me, so I don’t have to financially tie my success to Litecoin’s success,” Lee stated. “I do not own a single LTC since the six years I’ve started collecting it”. Other than some collector coins, he has completely removed his holdings of the coin.

This isn’t uncommon for cryptocurrency leaders and founders to publically announce their divestment. For instance, Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi hasn’t come in public view and still remains mysterious today. For investors, Lee’s decision will create a drop in the value of Litecoin. However, for future litecoin development, we can expect to see a large rise in value. If you want an alternative to Bitcoin, then you should learn how to trade Litecoin today.

Is It A Bear or Bull Market?

As of now, analysts believe that Litecoin is showing signs of a bear market. Mike Novogratz, legendary cryptocurrency trader and founder of Galaxy Investment Partners, states that Litecoin doesn’t have the same buying opportunity as Bitcoin.

Another theory that occured was that Coinbase users are actively buying litecoin due to its “cheap” price. Users think that it’s a cheaper option in comparison to ethereum and bitcoin, two other cryptocurrencies that’s offered in the platform.


Advantages of Investing in Litecoin

Even though Litecoin is viewed as a bear market, it’s still a great time for people to invest in it. Here are a few reasons why new traders should get involved with Litecoin.

Easier Mining Process

Both Litecoin and Bitcoin share the proof of work (user verification to complete a transaction), but the cryptocurrencies have two different algorithms for their separate blockchain network. Litecoin’s mining algorithm is easier to use than Bitcoin. This means that it can be mined on regular computers while using less energy. Usually, mining operations worldwide take a large amount of electricity and there is a shortage of high quality mining graphics cards for mining rigs.

Faster Block Generation

Another reason why you should invest in Litecoin is because of its fast block generation. Litecoin takes only 2.5 minutes while Bitcoin takes 10 minutes to successfully execute a block. Put simply, Litecoin transactions are four times faster than Bitcoin and has lower transaction fees.

For investment reasons, Litecoin is a great alternative as users can buy or sell the currency without paying as much as they would if they were to trade with Bitcoin.

What’s Next?

Swings will occur, but Litecoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies that can’t be defined by its price swings. When thinking about the future of Litecoin, it should be defined by its usefulness and relative stability. The future for litecoin development is bright as it shows no sign of stopping. Thus, you should consider investing in Litecoin as it offers a myriad of long term benefits (faster mining, easier transactions, and a relaxed community).

If you’re new to trading, use Plus 500. It has over ten years of service and will help you trade without compromising your income or savings. We encourage you to start trading so that you can capitalize on the dynamically growing cryptomarket. You can practise trading Litecoin for free by clicking here: Demo account








buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Plus500

Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Plus500

Ever since its development in 2009, Bitcoin has been a highly debated topic of conversation. Whereas previously, it was relegated to deep web perusers and Reddit tech devotees, now it’s hard to be in any coffee shop whether suburb or major city for five minutes without its name being uttered like a resistance movement. For this buying and selling example, we’ll use Plus 500’s, a reputable online brokerage to help you start your investing journey. After hearing all these stuff, it’s time to find out on how to buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500.

What is Plus 500?

Plus 500 was founded in 2008 and is an online trading platform for financial investment options such as Stocks, commodities, ETF, and the Forex market. Recently, the platform has accepted the trading and selling of cryptocurrencies.

The company operates in Israel and has regulated entities in Australia, UK, and Cyprus. It’s parent company Plus 500 Ltd, are found on the Alternative Investment Market on the London Stock Exchange. This means that it’s easily accessible and traders worldwide can use its platform and start trading.


Is Plus 500 Reliable?

Plus 500 is more efficient than other online trading brokers because of its longevity. Since it’s been in use for almost a decade, it has a good track record and is a trustworthy platform to use. Because of this, it’s easy for people to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within their network.

There are also more layers of protection that Plus 500 provides to their clients.Each of these rules is made to protect client’s financial integrity and

  • Plus 500 doesn’t use their money for hedging; it doesn’t use their client’s money for this reason.
  • Everyone’s money is placed in a segregated client bank account that follows the Financial Contract Authority’s rules for regulating client’s rules.
  • It doesn’t create speculative positions with the client’s money or in the market.
  • Plus 500 doesn’t have exposure to sovereign or foreign debt.
  • Retail client’s money is not invested in other markets.
  • Due to their strict rules on trading and protecting their client’s assets, Plus 500 is safe for users to buy and sell bitcoin. It’s a trading broker that follows all financial rules and regulations. As a result, it’s user base rise up to 105,000 users making up most of UK’s participating investment market. You can find out more about Plus500 here.


How To Start buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500?

Trading on Plus 500 is easy and only requires your email address to get started. Once you’ve created your account, do the following steps to buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500:

  1.   Click “Real Money.” This allows users to use their bank account to open and close trades within the cryptocurrency market.
  2.   Log onto Plus 500’s main menu located on left portion of the page. Click ‘Trade’ to receive a list of the tradable options that are available. Plus 500 has an advanced CFD trading brokerage software that allows users to trade forex, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies safely and efficiently.
  3.  For example, you want to buy Bitcoin on. First, go to Trade >  Crypto > Cryptocurrencies and find Bitcoin on the list. Alternatively, you can search Bitcoin from Pluss 500’s upper left corner that’s located next to the logo.
  4.  Once you click on the Bitcoin row, the information about the cryptocurrency is located on the right of the trade option.
  5. Click buy after you find Bitcoin on Plus 500’s network. The trading position will be shown in the “Open Positions” section or on the Bitcoin option itself. You can find  a more detailed info in our  Plus500 Tutorial: How to open and close a trade at Plus500.


How to Manage Your Risk with buy and selling bitcoin on plus500

Create a stop-loss and a stop-limit if you’re trying to trade more effectively and prevent having a loss on Plus 500. The stop loss will close the bitcoin position if its value goes a certain price number/percentage. For instance, when you open a bitcoin option at $2,000, you can create a stop-loss a $1,000 so that it closes the position.

But what if you want to stop holding Bitcoin once you received a profit? Create a stop-limit so that you can sell your bitcoin once it exceeds your expected value. This ensures that you can automatically sell your bitcoin and is a great technique for both short term and long term traders.


Still, it’s important that new investors learn how to buy and sell bitcoin. Its simple interface will help you easily find it and open a position. Ultimately, following our advice will help you invest more effectively and participate in the ongoing cryptocurrency market.

For question about using Plus500, please put them in the comment box below.

Trading Tutorial: How trade bitcoin on Plus500 for profits


Trading Bitcoin: How to make money with trading bitcoin?

Trading Bitcoin Step 1: Awareness

At the moment trading bitcoin is a a bit of a hype. Many investors are seeing bitcoin as a way to get rich. Can’t blame them for seeing it as this way. I mean if you look at the graph below, you will see that Bitcoin has gone up crazy in value this year.

Trading Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin

If you look at transaction of Bitcoins on thursday 23rd of November in the pic above. You will that at that time more than 349k transactions has been made. So people have buy and sold bitcoins to each other more than 349k times. That’s is phenomenal. As you can see there a lot of trades out there with Bitcoins. The second thing that you need to be aware off is high volatility. The price value of bitcoin is jumping up and down alot. Which is good news for us as traders. Because there is a lot of money that can be made off. As in basic thing before you start trading, the first thing that you need to know. Is there enough volatility? The higher the volatility there better it is. Because it means that price value changes a lot. And that there is a lot of people that are participating in the trade. So this way you can always buy or sell it to someone. In this case the bitcoin trading has a very high volatility.

Trading bitcoin step 2:

The second thing you need to know before trading bitcoin is that you need to know what kind of trend is bitcoin in? If you don’t know what I mean about trend then read this article: Trend

Trading Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin

As you can see in the pair Bitcoin/British pound is in a bullish trend. It is going up. If this current trend continuous then you can make money by buying the bitcoin now and sell it later for a higher price. It’s the most basic and simple strategy. However you can also see that sometimes the value of the bitcoin goes down. So there is also a opportunity to make money when the bitcoin goes down in value. Plus500 is on of the few brokers that offers you the opportunity to make money when the bitcoin goes down in value.

For example you would have made money in the period of Sept. 1st till the 14th of Sept 2017 when the Bitcoin dropped in value from 3600 GBP to 2400 GBP.  The profit would have roughly been 1200 GBP for you. Remember alway use a stoploss when you are trading bitcoin. If you want to know more about buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500 then check out this Plus500 Tutorial: How to buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500

bitcoin $5000

Bitcoin $5000 USD This year??

Bitcoin $5000 valuation is coming!

Since my last post in January about the Bitcoin of how it would perform this year. I knew it was going to grow in value but to be honest I didn’t expect that it would grew in value this hard. At  the moment of writing this blog, Bitcoin is currently traded at 2395 USD.

So what has happend? Since the legalisation of Japan on Bitcoin and having more countries taking a interest in Bitcoin. The volume of demand for Bitcoin have increased rapidly. Like madness.  Here take a look at these graphs.

Why is the demand increasing? |  Bitcoin $5000

  • Central Banks are increasing interest rate again. When interest rate increased then it means you hard earned money will decrease in value as good and services are increasing in price. That is why clients of investment firms, hedgefunds, institutional investors are investing big in Bitcoins. They don’t want that their wealth be decreased in value just because the goverment messed things up like India last year.
  • Bitcoin is getting more and more accepted around the world. More merchants and consumers are starting use Bitcoin as way to buy things. Since the legalisation of Bitcoin in Japan, the trade volume in Bitcoin went sky high.
  • Because of Bitcoin price increase, investors are interest in investing in alt coins such as Ethereum. And for investors to invest in most of these alt coins they need Bitcoin. This way Bitcoins are still needed. In order to buy other crypto currencies you will need Bitcoins


This year there was a major growth in merchants that accepted Bitcoins as payment. Now why would they do that? For me it obvious that more and more customers are wanting to pay their products/ services in Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. Japan for example is going to have  more then 260.000 stores that are going to accept Bitcoins and Ethereum as payment this summer. The whole bitcoin fever is huge! South Korea, Russia, Thailand are all currently looking if they are going to legalize bitcoins or not.

So why is it so huge? Why are people using bitcoins instead of the old cash? People are using bitcoins for a lot of different reasons. We think that the number one reason that people are using Bitcoin or are investing in Bitcoin, is that they are fed up with politics and central banks for manipulating the currencies to their disadvantages.

Like for example in Europe. The ECB is doing their best to make the European economy better. With the tools they are using it has some side effect. One of the effect is a low interest rate. Some banks are struggling to make a decent profit. So they lower their cost by firing people and decrease the interest rate. Which means that people are getting less interest on their savings account.

For some people the interest rate that they used to receive for saving their money on the bank went negative. Which means that for every pound that you are saving. You will have to pay the bank to have your money at their bank.

Kinda weird though since most of these banks were saved by your tax money. The ECB is not the only one. Almost all central banks around the world are trying to boost their countries economy. With the side effect of making things more expensive for  the normal people while their money becomes less valuable. And the richer became richer and richer. It’s not fair right? To get justice for the normal hard working citizens, Bitcoin was brought to life. The same applies for other crypto currencies.

Users| Bitcoin $5000

While more people are using Bitcoins to pay. The mainstream public are not using Bitcoins to pay right now at the moment. Because they don’t know what the real value of Bitcoin is.( Because all what the mainstream media does is informing how insane it is that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies became so much worth!). But we think that in time the mainstream public will slowly get to know about what the real value of crypto currencies are. We think that the majority that are using Bitcoins right now are merchants. Why? Because with Bitcoins merchants  can get more advantages if they play it smart. Because with Bitcoins you don’t need anyone to make a transaction. So this means that the merchants doesn’t to have pay a transaction fee to the banks or to any other middleman. This way it will save them money.

And another thing is that merchants have to worry less about the value of the other currencies if they are doing business international. Both parties can just agree upon a fixed Bitcoin price. So you don’t have to worry about that your profit might decrease because the GBP has become too expensive or too cheap in comparison with other currencies.

Bitcoin $5000 USD valuation this year?

With huge growth of start up companies that are active in the crypto currency world. Mainly in Bitcoin and Ethereum, it will be just a matter of time before the mainstream public will start to use Bitcoins and other crypto currencies types. On the short term there are countries like Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Australian, who are planning or looking into legalizing Bitcoin. And with gold rush that big investors and investment funds are having for crypto currencies, we think that there is a good chance that Bitcoin $5000 USD value will happen this year.


Ethereum: What is it? And why is it getting more popular?



The month June 2017 has been a crazy month for crypto currencies. The ETH went crazy, going in prize massive as Bitcoin did. If you have been watching Ether  for the last few weeks. Then you would have spotted a few really good trading opportunities that would give you a huge profit. So in this blog we are going take a look at Ethereum and Ether. What is Ethereum and why is it getting more popular?

What is Ethereum?

When you look at indices and the main stream news about the Ethereum, you might think that Ethereum is just another alternative crypto currency of Bitcoin. But if you do some more research on Ethereum, you will find out that it is not true. Ethereum is more then just a crypto currency. It is a very big highly advanced innovative platform for programmers and developers. On this platform you can build all kinds of apps such as games, financial app, social networks, basically everything you can imagine off. What makes Ethereum so special is that the platform is build on a decentralize system. Which means that there is no Authority that is holding all the information that is been used to create those apps. This platform was created with the intent that people can build programs that we may or are using every day. So this way there no middle man, and no central server to house that information. Without a central server, there is no main authority to change or shut down these programs without the entire community knowing about it.

Because of this advantage many programmers are hyped to build their apps on Ethereum platform. In order to program apps and run it smootly,you willl need Ether. Ether is like gas for car. Without ether, your app  can not function basically. There is only two ways of getting Ether. One is through mining and the other one is through buying ether on the market.So when you see Ethereum price quote on the markets it is really Ether actually. As the platform can’t be bought.

For a better understanding of Ethereum please watch this video of Vitalik Buterin (inventor of Ethereum) below.


How can I start in Trading Ether?

Speculation on the short term

Right now there is a lot of movement in the price of Ether. If you want to take make a profit on all those price movement. There is a option to speculate on the price of Ether. Ethereum coins are very volatile at the moment. As a trader you can take advantage of that. When the price of Ether goes up then you will automatically make a profit. But did you know that you can also make a profit when the price of Ether goes down? Because this happens all the time. You can make money by going short on Ether with a good online broker. This way you can earn a good profit too.

A really good online broker that gives you the opportunity to trade in Ether is Plus500. At Plus500 you can open a practise account for free in a very simple way. You can use this practise account to explore the opportunities in trading Ether. With the Plus500 software you can invest/trade in Ether with one mouse click. Because of this you can easily take advantage of all kinds of price movement of Ether. Click here to try out trading Ether at Plus500 for free.

Why is Ethereum getting more and more popular?

One of things that I like about the platform is that it gives you the possibility to create your own crypto currency. But there are many other advantages that Ethereum offers to programmers. That’s why this innovative platform is getting more and more popular. Because it is unique in his own kind. The more and more programmers that are choosing Ethereum to build their apps, the more ether will be needed. As the ether mining takes a long time and you need to know the right knowledge. So I think that on the short term the supply of  ether will be smaller then the demand for ether. Which will probably result into a higher  price value for Ether. But in all honesty I think that the recent rally of Ether was because of Bitcoin. Bitcoin went crazy in price value this month. Which surely took many other crypto currency including ether into a up trend at a higher speed. Because many investors doesn’t want to miss their chance like they had on Bitcoin. That’s why many jumped in the other alternative crypto currencies.


After taking a look at Ethereum. I am confident that Ethereum can stay for a very long time. I am not sure if the value of Ether will surpass the value of a Bitcoin. Because you can produce ether unlimited while Bitcoin is limited. However if more and more programmers and developers are going to use this platform then the demand for ether will increase. As you all know if the demand is higher then the supply then price will increase. In this case the price of ether will increase as long the demand is higher then the supply. As far as I know that it takes on average a month to mine 5 ether. Right Bitcoin and Ether are trade and invested in high volumes. If you don’t have the stomach for the dailey huge changes in prices then don’t trade but invest for long term. Keep an eye on our website because from now we will keep an track on Bitcoin and Ether.


Bitcoin 2017

Bitcoin 2017: A new superstar Safe haven

Bitcoin 2017

Bitcoin 2017

On the 13th July 2015, I wrote a piece about why Bitcoin was going up in value. In the end the Bitcoin gain in value around +26% and in 2016 +119%! If you had bought the Bitcoin at the time that I had publish that blog then your ROI would be +300%. (the selling price at the moment was 269 USD versus 1100 USD today) In this blog I am going to share you my thoughts about Bitcoin 2017.

Bitcoin 2015 – Bitcoin 2017: What has happend in the Bitcoin world?

What has happend in the last past two years in the Bitcoin world? Well the begin with more and more stores are accepting Bitcoin. However Bitcoin is still not popular among consumers. But it is gaining more attention from consumers according to this article. In my opinion in the past two years three major things have happen in the Bitcoin world.

Number one: Bitcoin is being accepted in more and more countries

Number two: More and more Cryptocurrency  related products and services are being created

Number three: Bitcoin has become a safehaven for currency traders/investors

Especially that last number three have been a big factor for the value increase of the Bitcoin of the past two year. With the slowdown in growth in the Chinese economy in particular, you saw that Chinese went into Bitcoin massive. Slowdown in growth means a weaker Yuan and because of that the chinese are investing in Bitcoin to protect their wealth.

Bitcoin 2017 the new gold?

In the last few weeks, the price of the Bitcoin Sky rocket. Mainly because of the weak yuan and the weak Venezuela currency. Currency investors look for a new safe haven. And it seems that for the Chinese & Venezuelan investors that Bitcoin is their safe haven. Why is Bitcoin so popular under the Chinese investors? One of the main reason is that the Chinese government are taking action to make it more difficult for the Chinese people to move their money overseas and invest outside of China. And with the continuation of the Yuan losing their value, the Chinese are looking for ways to protect their wealth. And one of the way of protecting their wealth is to invest in Bitcoins. Because unlike gold, you can use Bitcoins to buy other things where the government has no control on it.


Bitcoin 2017: What is going to happen this year?

  • will the currency break his ceiling of all time high?
  • currently there are 16 million bitcoins and 21 million bitcoins in total can be made
  • Lots of politic unrest , europe, venezuela, china, us (trade war), brexit

Bitcoin 2017: Will go higher in value

I think Bitcoin will continue to increase in value. Because the demand for bitcoins will increase while the supply of bitcoins becomes smaller. The reason for this is that bitcoin is a popular currency, which is still gaining more popularity. Off all the currency to invest in, the bitcoin has the potential increase in value faster then other currencies. With the Brexit, Venezuela & China’s capital outflow issues that is going on. I am sure that the bitcoin will set new higher values then in 2016.



buy bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin: Tips that you should know before buying a Bitcoin

Helpful Tips to Use When Trying to Buy Bitcoin

If you are a person who does a lot of business online, then finding ways to make the transfer of money easier is usually a top concern. There are a variety of things that a person can do in order to move their money around online easier and among the most effective is buying bitcoin. Making sure that you buy bitcoin from a reputable dealer is important. A variety of security measures will need to be taken in order to keep your bitcoin safe. Below are some helpful tips to use after you buy bitcoin in order to keep it safe.

Once you Buy Bitcoin, Keep Separate Wallets

The first thing that you will need to do in order to keep your bitcoin safe is to figure out where you will keep it. There are a number of sites out there that offer a digital wallet to keep the currency safe. The best way buy bitcoin and keep it safe is by taking the time to setup two different wallets. There are no limits on the number of bitcoin wallets that you can have. By spreading out the currency, you will be able to avoid having it all stolen by hackers.

After you Buy Bitcoin, Set Up Security on Your Accounts

Just like with any other type of account, you will need to take measures to secure your bitcoin account. The more you are able to do in regards to guarding your account, the easier it will be to keep your money safe. Making a password of pin for your account is important and not sharing it with anyone is even more important. There are usually a variety of companies that will allow you to buy bitcoin and house it in a safe place. The time that you put into finding the right place to buy and house your bitcoin will more than pay off in the end.

Keep Your Bitcoin Wallets Backed Up

When using the computer for business and the transfer of money, a person will have to ensure that they backup all of their information. There are a number of things that can lead to a computer failing and becoming unusable. If all of the information about the way you buy bitcoin and store it, then you will need to create a cloud based backup to ensure that it is safe. By creating this backup, you will be able to get a new computer and put the information about your bitcoin on it with ease.

Without the proper research, it will be very hard for you to put the right security measures in place to protect your bitcoin. Getting some advice from the professionals from where you buy bitcoin from can be invaluable during this process. If you avoid putting these types of security measures in place, then you may fall victim to a hacking that may deplete the bitcoin savings you have.

Bitcoin trade

Bitcoin Trade: The three ways to become succesfull in Bitcoin trading

World of Bitcoin Trade

Finding ways to put your money to work is important and something that you need to take very seriously. Without the right investment strategy, it will be very hard for a person to get the right results from this process. There are a number of things out there that can garner a person a lot of money if they invest in them. The world of bitcoin trade is wide open and has a variety of different investment opportunities. Just like with the trading of stocks or bonds, there are a number of rules and things that you will have to consider when trying to have the success with bitcoin trade.

Know What To Invest in Bitcoin Trade

When trying to have success in the world of bitcoin trade, you will first have to think about what you have to spend. Taking the time to work up a budget before investing is a surefire way to avoid overspending during this process. The last thing that you want to do is to invest money that you are using to pay for your home or other important expenses. Doing this will only result in you getting in a financial bind and not being able to continue trading. Going in to speak with an investment professional is a great way for you to get some guidance regarding what needs to be done and what you can invest.

Understand the Goals for Each Bitcoin Trade Made

Once you have figured out what you have to spend, you will need to take the time to find out what your goals are. Without a clearly defined goal for each trade, you will not be able to track the progress you are making. In most cases, a beginner to the world of bitcoin trade will not know what their goals are, which is why using a professional to help is important. A professional in the world of investing will have no issues helping a person define their goals and them help them meet them.

Getting the Right Information

Just like with any other type of investing, the more information you have regarding the bitcoin trade industry, the easier you will find it to get the right trades made. There are so many different publications and websites out there that will allow you to stay up to date on all of the developments in the bitcoin trade industry. Staying up to date on this industry will allow you to strike while the iron is hot and make the right decisions regarding what to do to make money. The time that you invest into this type of research will more than pay off in the end.

Finding the right information with bitcoin trade is essential. Without the proper guidance during the beginning phases of your trading, it will be very hard for you to have success.