Trading techniques: study trends and swing the stock market

Anyone could try some new business on trading; it is one of the nicest and newest ways to make money in the growing online trading business. And this is because, on the right structure and path, even small investments could be turned out into outstanding profits! You should not be thinking about money at the […]

Trading succes story: A young guy turned $9,700 Into $360,000 by trading

Trading success story Hi guys, Check out this awesome interview. His trading success story is amazing.  This guy turned turned $9,700 Into $360,000 by trading penny stocks. Of course it didn’t go in a straight way. He made some losses on his way to the $360,000. Once he made huge loss. That loss was so […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about trading

We get asked a ton of questions about trading. Here are some frequently asked one’s put together. I’m new to trading, where do I start? Start with registering for an account at an online broker right away, because you can start using demo simulations of the trading platform to start learning. Pick one here and start […]

cfd trading mindset

Trading is better! Why saving money in a bank is not always a great idea

Are you saving up money in a bank account? Most people do, because they learn to do it that way from their parents. This isn’t profitable at all though. Trading is a much better alternative, because it is more advantageous. People aren’t trading though, because of a couple of misconceptions and unawareness. Read on to […]

stock market

Stock market : What is it and how does it function?

Are you considering to start trading in the stock market or starting to invest in the stock market. Then  you have come to the right place. In this article you well get know what a stock market is , how the stock market functions and who the participants are. So let’s get starting. What is […]

cfd trading mindset

Online Share Trading | Make money with online trading

You probably have heard about people making money with online share trading. And it is getting more and more popular. If you want to know what online share trading is and how you can make money with it then you should read this article. What is online share trading? With the Internet you have access […]

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PayPal IPO gives new investment opportunity

Today is the  PayPal IPO. After  thirteen years being with Ebay, Paypal is now a separate company on the stock exchange. And that is good news for us investors and traders. If you are interested in investing in Paypal then you must read this article. In this article you will get to know what the […]


Bitcoin value aiming for new heights

It’s has been a while that we have heard of the Bitcoin. Since its all high-ranking peek of $1124.76, the Bitcoin value have mainly dropped down in price. However since the begin of June the Bitcoin value have been increased by 10% so far. In this article we are going to look to see if […]

day trading

Day trading, make some money beside your full time job

Maybe you have done or are doing this yourself. Trading under work time and after work . But I have certainly done this before when I was in my second year of trading back then. In this article you will get to know how I made money when I still had a full time job. […]

Starbucks shares : Good Longterm investment or not?

Starbucks shares: A good long-term investment?

Starbucks is one the company shares that I have in my own portfolio. I have bought the shares in 2014 for a price of 64 dollar per share. And then in April 2015 Starbucks did a stock split at a stock price of $95.23. So instead of having one Starbucks stock I have now two […]