Trading techniques: study trends and swing the stock market

Anyone could try some new business on trading; it is one of the nicest and newest ways to make money in the growing online trading business. And this is because, on the right structure and path, even small investments could be turned out into outstanding profits!


You should not be thinking about money at the age of 60. You should not be thinking about money at the age of 20. For that reason, you should do something clever in between; stock trading happens to be such a great option.

Trading is the business to learn and work on

Trading has been running for some time now, but the truth is that most of the major movement and growth have been made in recent years. Trading is no more than participating in the financial market, and people doing so expect to get good profits out of their investment.

From very independent traders and brokers to big names, companies, brands, and platforms, the world of online trading has changed the way online business is seen.

Now it is more accessible for anyone, it suits all the needs and demands from the users and business people, and most importantly, it provides potentially satisfactory profits with the traders looking for short-term price movements so they can get their earnings from both: the rising and the falling markets.

Today, it is not that peculiar for anyone to own stock. This is the result of online trading and its world widespread. Online trading has given anyone the possibility of investing in the market, only with a computer, internet connection, and some money to do the transaction. Also, for those who are doubtful about it, there are many online brokers available to provide help, advice, and support.

Now, even when it may sound easy, there is no need to believe that online trading should be taken lightly. Investors, regardless of their knowledge, investment size, and/or expertise should have some considerations at any investment to be made: research on the different types of online trading accounts, choosing the most suitable online brokerage, take the right decisions when making trades and always be aware and keep an eye on possible fraud.

What a great thing it is to be able to make profits out of the companies that we have seen as from the consumer products? Yes, now, there are possibilities of trading with some big companies; such as Coca-Cola, General Motors, Ferrari, Pfizer, Nike, Starbucks, and so many others! Companies that we have been seen for long and know that are solid enough to be trustworthy.

Follow some techniques to become a great trader

As in any process or system, to make any successful and sustainable movement there must be a goal, and it has to be the very first step towards making trading your business life.

Setting short-term realistic goals is vital to achieve the real goals you have in life. Yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily plans will help any trader achieve what they are looking for in terms of money, and keeping track of that plan is a must in the to-do list.

Once you have set your goals, you should walk over a well-defined path or a plan. Defining a plan may take longer than expected, but then it is time that anyone would be happy to have invested afterward.

A good plan should clearly state the objective, and the desired market to work in. Also, the trading rules, the budget, the trading style, and the realistic time frame to achieve the financial goal are components that will, for sure, help keep the focus during the trading process.

Finally, there are two other elements to consider in the trading area that are much related and necessary in the business; one is the monitor tool that is used as the record of the behavior of the stock.

It is imperative to keep a record of the trading activity as well as the stock behavior, so the trader can see a projection on the trends and can also be ready to take the best opportunity to trade.

The other element is a useful trading signal. Traders need to be always ready and see the opportunity of the trade right away. This is a vital element to be able to know the exact point when the deal is appropriated or not.

Learn your market! Swing the stocks!

Finally, the stock markets should become friends with traders. Thoroughly understanding the behavior of the stock market is essential to invest and trade with positive profits. Of course, the brokers are there to help, them being the experts in the area could easily pass knowledge, provide advice, and have a word over either good or bad investments to be made. 

For example, there is a type of trading that is called “Swing trading”. This type of trading style focuses on profiting off changing trends in price action, and the whole process occurs in a relatively short timeframe.

Traders or brokers will know the moment for the upswing or downswing in stock prices to happen as the chance to buy or sell the stocks. The positions on the market could last around a week period; even a bit more if the trade remains profitable.

For swing-trading stocks, it is essential to consider the steps and elements mentioned before, the variety of technical indicators to identify patterns that swing traders use will project trend directions and potential short-term changes in trend, all of it necessary elements to investing well.

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Trading succes story: A young guy turned $9,700 Into $360,000 by trading


Trading success from $9600 to $360.000

Trading success story

Hi guys,

Check out this awesome interview. His trading success story is amazing.  This guy turned turned $9,700 Into $360,000 by trading penny stocks. Of course it didn’t go in a straight way. He made some losses on his way to the $360,000. Once he made huge loss. That loss was so huge that he stopped trading for a few days. But he didn’t gave up on trading. Instead he was determined to improve his strategy and trading success was a must. Check this interview and learn how he improved his strategy and what his final strategy is.

What have we learned here from this guys trading success story?

  1. You need to have a proven strategy. ( read here more on how to trade like a pro: 5 steps to trade like a pro)
  2. Quit your losses quickly
  3. minimise  your downside risk
  4. Pick trades that is low on risk but have high rewards
  5. Let your winners ride
  6. Analyse your trades , understand what you are doing wrong.

How did this guy make his comeback after his first big loss ?

In this interview the young trader says that he took a break from trading for a week and a halve and he took also a break from his social life. He took the time of what went wrong. Researched and study it and then improves his strategy. It took him 3,5 months to get back his lost from trading the stock market.

The biggest lesson that he learned is to quit the bad trades fast. And he doesn’t put all his money on a single trade. What he does now he divides it in percentage of his total cash. Like for example if he trade stocks then he only put up a percentage of his total investment money.

One more thing is that this guy makes his trades mostly from his Iphone. Watch this interview because you learn more stuff for trading succes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about trading

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We get asked a ton of questions about trading. Here are some frequently asked one’s put together.

I’m new to trading, where do I start?

Start with registering for an account at an online broker right away, because you can start using demo simulations of the trading platform to start learning. Pick one here and start reading our how to trade like a pro guide whilst practicing with the demo platform. The best way to learn is to do it. Once registered, you will also get £20 bonus money to start trading for real. Once a little prepared, you can also use this to practice for real money, without using a dime of your own. Also, keep on reading our trading blogs, for example: how to profit with CFD trading with only 160 euro.


How much money does a trader need to start trading?

Answers varies when it comes to how much money you need, from only £5 to £50.000. It all depends on how you want to trade, your personality, circumstances, trading strategies and goals.

You can also just sign up for an online broker like Plus500, where they offer you bonus money when you open an account. So it is possible to start trading real money without using a single cent of your own.

I started with only 50 euro and then I started practicing for real until I saved up around 2.5k. I had this amount of money set as goal and didn’t stop until I reached it. Now I set it apart as the only money I use for trading, nothing else. I don’t touch this amount and only use it to trade. If I lose, I have to add more in there. Anything up this amount is profit which I allow myself to freely use. Every now and then, when I think it’s time, I will up the amount of money I set apart.


How long does it take to make a stable income with trading?

Answers here also varies. People have been able to make a stable income within only 6 months, some people think you will never be able to do it. I and my fellow traders believe in the first, in being able to make a stable income. How long it takes? Hard to answer, because this also depends on how you are as a person and how much risk you are willing to take. I have been doing this for over 3 years now and I am finally starting to make a stable income from it. I still work besides trading, but I can work less with it.
Here are the steps that you should take when starting to trade:

  1. Set your own pace
    For example: use a 3 month period where you read our articles and practice in demo in the 1st The 2nd month is for trying out trading with a small amount of money until you reach about 8/10 profitable positions. 3rd month is for setting your own trading strategy.
  2. Get experience fast.
    In my experience you don’t learn until you start doing it right away. Learn by using small amounts of money first. Also, you don’t learn to stand up until you fall. So get ready to lose a small amount of real money, just to feel how it feels like!
  3. Stay active on trading forums like ours, share and learn from others
    I could have never gotten this far without my trading friends, online and offline. Post your strategy in our forum, share your thoughts and welcome feedback, critiques, whatever people have to say about it. This is the only way to learn on how to profit.


Is trading the same as gambling?

No, it isn’t the same as gambling, as gambling has no educated arguments on whether you should open a position. As for trading you can educate yourself on which companies are worthwhile to start trading with. For us, trading is far from gambling. You can gamble without knowledge, but you can’t trade without a bit of knowledge on what you are doing.


Is it dangerous to trade with online brokers?

No, but you should find the ones that are regulated by the FCA to avoid scams. More information can be found on their website: // The online brokers that we use are all regulated. Take a look at our brokers review to find out which ones is the best. My personal favorite is Plus500, for its ease and well-known credibility.


How difficult is it to trade?

It isn’t at all. Many people think that trading is only for people with profound knowledge of it, but you don’t. You can start at a young age and right away. Just make sure you don’t use more money than you need.


Can you lose more money than you deposit?

Mostly no, but you need to make sure you are using an online broker that has negative balance protection. There are not many CFD brokers that has this kind protection. The brokers that we are using are one of the few, look at our brokers review here. Negative balance protection means that if your equity goes to 0, your position in closed automatically, instead of going to a negative number. This means you cannot lose more money than you deposit. If this happens, this is called ‘margin call’. Be sure to check out your brokers terms and conditions for ‘negative balance protection’.


What brokers are good to start with?

I personally recommend Plus500. Why? Because their platform is easy to understand, they are regulated by the FCA, so your money is safe, they have negative balance protection and they are also one of the few that provides that many CFD stocks. So you can start trading in any company you like. Be sure to check out or other reviewed brokers too for good brokers to start with.

cfd trading mindset

Trading is better! Why saving money in a bank is not always a great idea

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Are you saving up money in a bank account? Most people do, because they learn to do it that way from their parents. This isn’t profitable at all though. Trading is a much better alternative, because it is more advantageous. People aren’t trading though, because of a couple of misconceptions and unawareness. Read on to find out why you should start saving up money in a trading account.

In general people think that trading is intricate and they do not have the courage to take part of this world, because they do not know anything about it. Most people stick to the traditional savings method: saving money in a bank account and earning bank interest. Without regard that it could take over a 100 years for a savings account to double up by using this method.

According to the survey results of research agency MeMo, 55% of everyone thinks that trading is only for people that have profound knowledge of it. 11% are thinking of doing it, because they think that trading is more beneficial than saving money in the bank. However, these doubters and the others that have never traded before are too insecure to trade. They don’t trade because they are unaware that trading can be done in an easy way and that you can do it without much knowledge about it. Also, it is one of the best alternatives to a savings account.


What are the main reasons people are not trading?

Reasons people are not trading

Source: Bankrate Money Pulse survey, March 19-22, 2015


However, most reasons stated are misconceptions:


  1. You need a lot of money.

    This isn’t the case, you can already start with only 25 euro. Even if it’s just for practice, it can be beneficial in the short and long-term. It is also about priorities, if you can save up a few euros a month why not buy a stock too that can benefit you later?


  1. You need a profound knowledge of trading.

    You don’t need to be a professional to trade. Jaff Chuck from says:

    “A lack of knowledge shouldn’t stop a consumer from investing any more than a lack of knowledge about cooking should stop someone from eating”.


  2. No trust in stock brokers or advisers.

    If you are starting small, you probably don’t even need an advisor. You can trade independently and decide what you want to do with your money. It is easy these days with online trading. As for trusting stock brokers, there are ways to be sure that a broker can be trusted. Find ones that are regulated by a financial institute, like the ones we reviewed.


  1. The stock market is too risky.

    Nowadays, saving up money could cost you more money than the money you trade with. As of last year, the bank savings account interest rates has already descended to an historical low point of 1 percent. This means doubling your savings could a long, long time. People who have to pay property tax don’t even make money out of their savings anymore, they only see it vanish to the government. Saving up money in a bank account just doesn’t generate much wealth. If the economy goes down again, the money you save up wouldn’t be able to keep up with the inflation.


  1. Scared of high fees.

    Most people are unaware that nowadays a lot of online brokers offer very low-cost stocks. For example: CFD’s stock brokers.


We want to try and help people that are new to trading, because it is more beneficial and also keeps you updated with what goes on around the world. We find the trading world one of the most interesting and exciting market ever, that is why we want to share our passion and we hope you’ll share yours too. Start by learning about how to open a trading account.

Ps: Read our article on how to make a profit with just 160 EURO

Got any questions or comments? Please feel free to comment below or in our forum.

stock market

Stock market : What is it and how does it function?

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Stock market

Are you considering to start trading in the stock market or starting to invest in the stock market. Then  you have come to the right place. In this article you well get know what a stock market is , how the stock market functions and who the participants are. So let’s get starting.

What is a stock market?

A stock market is a market place where people and companies can buy or sell shares. The buying process works as follow. If you see a share that you find interesting then you can do two things. First you can buy the share for the current market price or you can try to buy it cheaper then the original market price by placing a bid. And if the bid gets accepted then deal has been concluded.

In the old days it was very difficult for you as a private consumer to access the stock market. If you wanted to place an order back then, you had to  have a broker that were sending his/her people to the market floor to execute your order.Now with the modern technology and internet it is very easy for a private trader like you and me to access the stock market. All we need  to have is a account at a on-line broker and we are able to execute our orders by ourselves. If you are interested in how to trade the stock market on-line then read this article: on-line share trading.

What is the function of a stock market?

The stock markets has two functions. The stock markets gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to trade shares with each other in a safe environment. And the second function is that it gives companies the possibility to get capital that they need for the their business. So the way of how the stock market works is as follow:

1. Company A is planning to expand their business. For expanding the business company A needs to do an investment for it. And since company A doesn’t have the capital for it, it decides that they want get the capital at the stock markets. In exchange for the capital company A gives a bit of ownership of the company away in the form of shares. There reason why many companies like company A wants to enlisted their stocks at the stock market is that they can get a huge amount of capital with out worrying of paying back. And of course they don’t have to pay interest rate.

2. Investors and traders can buy shares of the company that they like. And if they have stopped liking the company then they can sell the shares. The volume of those transaction depends on how popular the stock is. If the demand for the stock is big but the supply is small it most likely that the price for that share will increase and vice versa. The reason why there is many transaction in stock markets everyday is because of the huge amount of participants the stock market haves. And each participant has their strategy and vision of how that stock will develop in price. The market participant varies from small private investors , big investors such as banks , pension fund , hedge funds , institution and companies themselves (buying back their shares). So now you know what the stock markets is , how functions and who the participants are. With this basic understanding of the market, you can start trading.

cfd trading mindset

Online Share Trading | Make money with online trading

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You probably have heard about people making money with online share trading. And it is getting more and more popular. If you want to know what online share trading is and how you can make money with it then you should read this article.

What is online share trading?

With the Internet you have access to the stock market through your brokerage account. What this means is that you can buy or sell a share online from your computer, laptop, tablet or from your smart phone. Nowadays you can open an account with an online broker and you can start trading quite fast. It’s recommended to open account at a broker that has a license to operate from the financial authorities. To make it easy for you, we from have researched a lot of online brokers. You can find our reviews here——-à compare brokers

 How does the online share trading market works?

In case if you don’t know what a share is then read the article stocks. The stock market has many participants. It varies from professional traders, investors, banks, big institutions, pension funds and traders like you and me.With so many participants in the market it always cause price fluctuations. Everybody got his or her own strategy, own interest and own vision of what the value of a share should be in the future.

How can you earn money with online share trading?

The basics of making money with online share trading is really simple. When you are doing online share trading you can make money on two ways. The first way of making money with online share trading is to buy the share and sell it for a higher price. This is just one way of making a profit. The other way to make a good profit on online share trading is to go short when you expect that the share price will go down in value. So basically you can make money when the share prices are going up and when they are going down. If you want to trade like a pro then read our guidelines on how to become a pro at trading. You can find this guide here : Trading Like a Pro in 5 easy steps

You can start practising trading shares by open a demo account. Don’t worry this demo account is free and it don’t cost your any money. By practise trading on a demo account it gives you a good insight of how the market works and you can see if your strategy works or not. If you have any questions about trading feel free to contact through our forum. By the way don’t forget to read this article “Smart online trading in stock CTRIP.” In this article we describe in detail of how we made a profit of 1019 Euro with a investment of 400 Euro. A lot of our readers love this article because they learned so much from it. In that article we described which steps we did to achieve a 150% return on our investment.

trading paypal ipo

PayPal IPO gives new investment opportunity

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Today is the  PayPal IPO. After  thirteen years being with Ebay, Paypal is now a separate company on the stock exchange. And that is good news for us investors and traders. If you are interested in investing in Paypal then you must read this article. In this article you will get to know what the business model is from Paypal and what the potential earnings can be.

Paypal IPO : why?

Why did Ebay and Paypal seperated from each other? The reason why they have separated is because the mobile payment market is showing big promises as the e-commerce market keeps becoming bigger and bigger. And more and more big tech companies like Apple , Amazone and Google have created their own mobile payment system in order to benefit from the growth of mobile- and on-line payment market. If Paypal stay with Ebay they will be limited in teaming up with other e-commerce websites. (as they see Ebay as their rival) With Ebay gone now  it will be interesting to see on how the new income stream of Paypal will look like. With the extra cash that PayPal IPO gives it will be interesting to see of what kind of companies PayPal will acquire.

PayPal Business Model

Lets take a look on how PayPal earns their money. PayPal generates revenues from fees charged to consumers and merchants for different payment-related services. PayPal allows consumers to transfer funds to merchants in a secure manner through the PayPal digital wallet. The cool thing about the Paypal Digital Wallet is that it not includes internal resources such as the PayPal account balance and PayPal credit account but they also include external resources such as bank transfers or credit and debit cards.  And one other thing PayPal does not charge consumers for funding or withdrawing funds  but they only charge fees when consumers are lending money  by  the PayPal Credit.

Most of PayPal’s revenues are generated from transaction fees that is charged to merchants. The fee percentage vary from 2.2% + $0.3 per transaction for eligible merchants to 3.9% + a fixed fee based on currency received for international fees. With a other service PayPal Here Paypal charges a transaction fee of 3.5% of the transaction value and offers a free point-of-sale station for small businesses to process credit/debit cards in their stores.

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PayPal Growth

 trading paypal ipo

trading paypal ipo

As you can see in the graph above PayPal has been growing very strongly. In the first quarter of 2010, PayPal processed $21.34 billion in payments. By the fourth quarter of 2012, this amount grew to $41.47 billion. In the first quarter of 2015, the amount of payments processed grew to $61.41 billion. This represents nearly 300% growth in payments processed since 2010. This number is likely to grow in the future as PayPal expands its mobile payments business. PayPal processes approximately 30% of its payments on mobile devices, up from merely 1% in 2010. With these good numbers it makes it very interesting for investors to invest in the PayPal IPO.


The long-awaited PayPal IPO is expected has finally taken place. With the PayPal’s impressive TPV and net revenue growth rates on top of the promising expansion potential it makes the PayPal stock a very attractive growth investment. Without the restrictions of Ebay Paypal can focus on offering their services to the competition of Ebay as well. So there is a very good chance that Paypal can grow more in value over time. The first few weeks could be very volatile , so short term traders can benefit nicely from it.


Bitcoin value aiming for new heights

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It’s has been a while that we have heard of the Bitcoin. Since its all high-ranking peek of $1124.76, the Bitcoin value have mainly dropped down in price. However since the begin of June the Bitcoin value have been increased by 10% so far. In this article we are going to look to see if it is time to trade or invest in Bitcoins again.

Bitcoin value can go up this year

There is a good chance that the Bitcoin Value can go up nicely this year. And here is why.


  1. Regulators

This year 2015 , Bitcoin is getting regulated by the US. In early may 2015 the first Bitcoin Regulated exchange ITBIt.  Many US states are legalizing Bitcoins to help the start-up companies that related to Bitcoin in their region.In Europe the EU and the Bank of England are investigating on how to integrate crypto currencies like the Bitcoin can be integrated in the financial system. In Spain and in Switzerland Bitcoins are exempt from VAT taxes, which make the Bitcoin more attractive. (sources : yahoo finance)


  1. Bitcoin related companies

More and more Bitcoin related start up companies are coming up and many investors are funding them. One these investors is Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs invested this year $50 million in a Bitcoin related start up company. Which is surprising to me. I thought all banks were against bitcoins. Goldman Sachs is not the only bank that has invested in a bitcoin company. Big banks all over the world are considering investing in bitcoin companies.


Bitcoin Value on the markets

How is the Bitcoin performing on the markets? The Bitcoin value have been increasing since Febuary 2015. As you can see in the graph below the bitcoin is setting a new higher as it has broken his horizontal resistance level of 11 March 2015. Currently Bitcoin value was 310 dollars when writing this article.

bitcoin value trading

bitcoin value trading


As you may have notice the bitcoin value began to rise in June. There are several reasons of why the bitcoin started to grow in value.

  1. It’s around that time when many US states were officially legalizing the bitcoin.
  2. Turmoil in Greece and China caused currency investor to invest in something that can increase in value like gold or bitcoins.

The possible Grexit situation could make big and small companies realize that it might be better to have bitcoin as a spare currency in countries that have financial problems. So that when a bank doesn’t supply money, the companies can still do business.



In short term Bitcoin value will go up, as long there is an uncertainty of Greece. For long-term is starts to look good for the bitcoin value. More and more US states is legalizing regulating on the bitcoin. And many bitcoin related start up companie are coming up all over the world. These companies where investors pour in millions of millions dollar will promote bitcoin heavily to the general consumers. It’s probably smart go for the short term first by trading in bitcoin cfds. Big percentage in price change will come since the bitcoin has broke its resistance level for this year. So your profits will be a lot bigger. And if you are in for the long term then buy bitcoins in portions. Don’t go all in right away.


day trading

Day trading, make some money beside your full time job

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Maybe you have done or are doing this yourself. Trading under work time and after work . But I have certainly done this before when I was in my second year of trading back then. In this article you will get to know how I made money when I still had a full time job.

From a day trading to become a long term investor

I started trading on the markets about 5 years ago. After months of practising on the demo account, I finally made my first move on the options of TomTom. I failed badly on my first trade. But learned a lot of lessons from that first trade. Some of these lessons I described it in the blog named : Demo trading account are dangerous.

After my first trade I decided that I wanted generated enough income with trading that would cover my monthly living expenses. Although I failed at my first trade but there a time window of 20 minutes where I making a profit of 60% on my investment. At the beginning of my trading career I wanted to become like Warren Buffet and George Soros but I had no large funds to become a long term investor or to become a full time trader. So I had to become a great short term trader in day trading.

Day trading during job time

While I was improving my trading strategy  and developing my investment plan for short term and long term. I was faced by another challenge. And that time was time managing. Sometimes good opportunities comes when you are at work or at moments that you are really busy. At first I tried to trade all opportunities. Some were good and a few turned out to be a pain in the ass. I got myself a few times in a situation where I was already in a trade but could not exit a trade because some unexpected stuff happens at the office that required my attention immediately and just like that my profits turned into a loss. To avoid this problem I made a rule for myself in my trading plan.Exit the trade immediately when work is calling.”

So from that day on whether my colleague or my boss was calling me, I just exit my day trading. And when I was done talking with my manager or colleague, I just either re-enter the same trade or enter a new trade.

Day trading after/before work

day trading

day trading

With so many markets on the world. You can basically trade 24 hours a day if you want too. Forex market for example is 24/5. And if you don’t like forex then you can trade in many other markets. For example if you are from the UK you can trade in FTSE during the day , the Dow Jones in the noon and at night you can trade in Asian markets. With Plus500 I was being able to trade 24/5. Because I had access to all the markets. That’s the beauty of online brokers like Plus500. It gives you the ability to trade any time and any where you want. With brokers like Plus500 or I was able to become good at day trading. And now I even trade and make money when I am on vacation or travelling. Pretty cool huh?



A few preparation tips for a good day trading

  1. Make sure you got a trading plan. If you don’t know on how to set up a trading plan then click here: Trading plan
  2. Check out the economic data calender so that you know at which time there is a possible news influence that could create a movement on the markets
  3. Before you enter a trade fill in your trading journal

That’s all for now. If you want to know on how to trade like a pro then click here: //

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Starbucks shares : Good Longterm investment or not?

Starbucks shares: A good long-term investment?

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Starbucks is one the company shares that I have in my own portfolio. I have bought the shares in 2014 for a price of 64 dollar per share. And then in April 2015 Starbucks did a stock split at a stock price of $95.23. So instead of having one Starbucks stock I have now two Starbucks shares. At the moment of writing this blog the Starbucks share has a current value of $52 dollar. So my return is pretty nice so far. My plan for the Starbucks shares is really simple: buy and hold. In this blog you will read my analysis that I have done before I started to invest in Starbucks shares.


Starbucks Shares Internal Analysis

The first thing that I do when I look for a company to invest in is to look at their history. Who are the founder(s) and are they still active in the company? Then I look at the management team and their skills on executing the companies plan.

You can judge the skill of the CEO and his management team by checking out the company quarterly results. A good CEO and a good management team has a quarterly results that often meets the expectations of analysts. A super good CEO and a super good management team often delivers quarterly results that surpass the expectations of the analysts and their shareholders. And my dear friend Starbucks has that super good CEO and a super good management team. For this year 2015 their first quarterly results and second quarterly results already surpass the expectations of most analysts.


On 23th April 2015 Starbucks announced record revenue of 4.6 Billion dollars!

When companies produce those kinds of results then you know your investment will be profitable for sure.

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Starbucks Shares External Analysis

Your successful investment doesn’t rely only on the internal analysis of company but also on the external analysis. How does the company attain new customers and retaining them? How does the company perform compare to his competitors? How does the company deals with threats?

Let’s answer these questions.

  1. How does the company attain new customers and retaining them?

Starbucks gets most of their new customers by opening more stores worldwide. In the second quarter of 2015 Starbucks have opened 210 new stores worldwide. Another way of how Starbucks attracts new customer is by selling their products not only online but also in supermarkets.

  1. How does Starbucks retain their customers?

Starbucks offers good products that meet the needs of their customers and they also provide good services to their customers through their Barista’s. Believe it or not Starbucks even has membership offers for their customers. Their membership program My Starbucks Reward has been so successful that in the second quarter 2015 1.3 million new members have signed up!

Starbucks now has over 10 million members in their membership program. Can you imagine a membership for coffee? Well Starbucks have pulled that off and not only that more members are signing up everyday.

  1. How does the company perform compared to his competitors?

Starbucks is beating their competitors; almost in every market Starbuck is the market leader.

  1. How do Starbucks deals with threats?

In my opinion Starbucks have been dealing with threats quite well I believe. For example last year in 2014, there was a commotion that Starbucks coffee was more expensive in China then in the US. The Chinese consumers were not happy about that and some of them threaten to boycott Starbucks. As a result of that commotion Starbucks shares began to drop in price at the stock market. Just in a few days Starbucks fixed the commotion by showing the Chinese consumers that the cost price for Starbucks was a lot higher in China then in the US. And so price of the Starbucks shares went up again



As long Starbucks keeps doing well in my analysis then there is no reason for me to sell the Starbucks shares only to buy more. For short term there a good possibilities to make money from Starbucks as there will be always fluctuations. Make sure to benefit from those fluctuations