Trading techniques: study trends and swing the stock market

Anyone could try some new business on trading; it is one of the nicest and newest ways to make money in the growing online trading business. And this is because, on the right structure and path, even small investments could be turned out into outstanding profits!


You should not be thinking about money at the age of 60. You should not be thinking about money at the age of 20. For that reason, you should do something clever in between; stock trading happens to be such a great option.

Trading is the business to learn and work on

Trading has been running for some time now, but the truth is that most of the major movement and growth have been made in recent years. Trading is no more than participating in the financial market, and people doing so expect to get good profits out of their investment.

From very independent traders and brokers to big names, companies, brands, and platforms, the world of online trading has changed the way online business is seen.

Now it is more accessible for anyone, it suits all the needs and demands from the users and business people, and most importantly, it provides potentially satisfactory profits with the traders looking for short-term price movements so they can get their earnings from both: the rising and the falling markets.

Today, it is not that peculiar for anyone to own stock. This is the result of online trading and its world widespread. Online trading has given anyone the possibility of investing in the market, only with a computer, internet connection, and some money to do the transaction. Also, for those who are doubtful about it, there are many online brokers available to provide help, advice, and support.

Now, even when it may sound easy, there is no need to believe that online trading should be taken lightly. Investors, regardless of their knowledge, investment size, and/or expertise should have some considerations at any investment to be made: research on the different types of online trading accounts, choosing the most suitable online brokerage, take the right decisions when making trades and always be aware and keep an eye on possible fraud.

What a great thing it is to be able to make profits out of the companies that we have seen as from the consumer products? Yes, now, there are possibilities of trading with some big companies; such as Coca-Cola, General Motors, Ferrari, Pfizer, Nike, Starbucks, and so many others! Companies that we have been seen for long and know that are solid enough to be trustworthy.

Follow some techniques to become a great trader

As in any process or system, to make any successful and sustainable movement there must be a goal, and it has to be the very first step towards making trading your business life.

Setting short-term realistic goals is vital to achieve the real goals you have in life. Yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily plans will help any trader achieve what they are looking for in terms of money, and keeping track of that plan is a must in the to-do list.

Once you have set your goals, you should walk over a well-defined path or a plan. Defining a plan may take longer than expected, but then it is time that anyone would be happy to have invested afterward.

A good plan should clearly state the objective, and the desired market to work in. Also, the trading rules, the budget, the trading style, and the realistic time frame to achieve the financial goal are components that will, for sure, help keep the focus during the trading process.

Finally, there are two other elements to consider in the trading area that are much related and necessary in the business; one is the monitor tool that is used as the record of the behavior of the stock.

It is imperative to keep a record of the trading activity as well as the stock behavior, so the trader can see a projection on the trends and can also be ready to take the best opportunity to trade.

The other element is a useful trading signal. Traders need to be always ready and see the opportunity of the trade right away. This is a vital element to be able to know the exact point when the deal is appropriated or not.

Learn your market! Swing the stocks!

Finally, the stock markets should become friends with traders. Thoroughly understanding the behavior of the stock market is essential to invest and trade with positive profits. Of course, the brokers are there to help, them being the experts in the area could easily pass knowledge, provide advice, and have a word over either good or bad investments to be made. 

For example, there is a type of trading that is called “Swing trading”. This type of trading style focuses on profiting off changing trends in price action, and the whole process occurs in a relatively short timeframe.

Traders or brokers will know the moment for the upswing or downswing in stock prices to happen as the chance to buy or sell the stocks. The positions on the market could last around a week period; even a bit more if the trade remains profitable.

For swing-trading stocks, it is essential to consider the steps and elements mentioned before, the variety of technical indicators to identify patterns that swing traders use will project trend directions and potential short-term changes in trend, all of it necessary elements to investing well.

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Apple stocks: will it perform well in the second half of 2020?

How did Apple perform in the second quarterly result of 2020?

Apple have generated a revenue of $58,3 Billion. Which is an increase of 1% compared to a year ago. “Despite COVID-19’s unprecedented global impact, we’re proud to report that Apple grew for the quarter, driven by an all-time record in Services and a quarterly record for Wearables,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. ” Let’s take a look at those numbers. Compare to last year. The revenue grew about 1%. And 62% of Apple’s revenue came from outside the US. The service revenue exploded sky high with 13,3 billion USD. So you can see that Apple have performed really well this quarter.

What do most analyst thinks of Apple performance?

Most analyst are really optimistic about Apple stock, some of them think that Apple will reach a stock price 380 USD this year. Main reasons are that they expected that Iphone 5g will increase the sales. With the world that are getting out of the lock-downs, analyst are expecting that the sales of product will increase more. source: barrons

How will Apple manage the corona virus getting into the 3rd quarter?

In my personal opinion, I the third quarter for Apple will be heavy. As many countries went into a lock-down. Many business went bankrupt. So the outlook for many consumers are not too well. I expect that consumers will save more money and spend less. I have no doubt that new Iphone 5G will be awesome. But i am not sure if many are still eager to get that new Iphone as their economic situation is uncertain. So I think that currently analyst are way too positive. I think when third quarter results come out, the stock price of Apple will drop. Longterm I am bullish on this stock but short term a bit bearisch.

How to buy and sell Apple stocks on Plus500 broker

Online trading: understanding the business from all the angles

 “My own business? From home? Good profits? Yes! I accept!” Wait! Do not jump to conclusions; let’s understand this online trading era.

Along with the online trading era and its recent changes, traders have been given the right to make all their decisions by themselves, and this is such a great thing considering the independency it provides in a society ruled by technology.


Hands in action for online trading…

Independency on your own business decisions as an online trader differs from using a stockbroker, as what generally happens. A broker usually provides input and advice, and this is not a bad thing at all, but there is nothing like the freedom of choice and the comfort it results in on a great decision taken; besides, some brokers in ABN AMRO have a biased opinion.

Regardless of the way anyone decides to trade, something must be clearly said: risk is always present, and that is why the rules of the game have to be clear. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of trading is essential to make better decisions and get better profits; that is a fact.

It has been seen that online trading has come to significant growth in recent years, and it seems not to stop in its increasing popularity. Numbers say that over 14 million households in the U.S. have signed up online trading service, according to highly respected statistics companies. At a significant amount, then, it is crucial to where we are standing on, either on positive or negative aspects.

First things first, online trading can be very positive…

On the one hand, some of the positive aspects can be that online trading represents lower fees in general, and this is one clear advantage. The traditional brick-and-mortar brokerage firms that generate high fees in business and finances reduce a lot in transaction costs and high fees associated with them.

Also, with the structure of the online trading every user has a lot more control and flexibility in the business, the speed that online trading portals provide is a benefit to many investors, a trade can be executed almost immediately. Opposite to what traditional brick-and-mortar brokers mean over online, phone, or personal appointments to initiate a trade.

As said before, and without any negative connotation per se, brokerage bias is also possible in traditional trading; with the online concept, this is not necessary. Prejudice happens when a broker provides financial advice that benefits the broker, and this is logical; after all, it is business. Such a thing is eliminated with totally independent online trading.

Another good thing about online trading is that there is the accessibility to a universe of online tools. When we are trading online, it is easy to see that a lower cost doesn’t necessarily mean a shoddy product. Then the tools to make decisions over such a thing are very helpful. Very respected online trading companies can offer customers an impressive suite of tools so they can have valuable information and optimize their trades better.

Last but not least, on the functional aspects of online trading is the possibility to monitor all of that in real-time. With the technology of today, many online trading sites offer stock quotes and trade information; with all of the elements existing, it easy for people to see the performance of their investments in real-time.

…not all that glitters is profits!

Another harmful and hazardous thing that some people do not see is that in online trading and without a complete vision of the performance of the market,
it is very easy to invest too much too fast, this is because online trading is so easy, practically everything is one click away, so if we do not look back for a
second, at that same second, we could end up overinvesting or making poor investment choices.

On the other hand, it is also imperative to know all the possible disadvantages of the online trading business; this is first to be clear on what could happen to your investments at any extent, and also to be ready to face any situation and make the best results possible.

We have all heard about the risks from the worldwide economy business, and that is what we are doing, as there are many points in the economy when inflections may be harmful (or positive at times) for traders and investors. Take the case of the very relevant example of ABN AMRO that is running on some problems now that can, of course, affect the people investing in its platforms.

Another harmful and hazardous thing that some people do not see is that in online trading and without a complete vision of the performance of the market, it is very easy to invest too much too fast, this is because online trading is so easy, practically everything is one click away, so if we do not look back for a second, at that same second, we could end up overinvesting or making poor investment choices.

Also, and as another negative point, there is a very distant or even no existing relationship with brokers. Even when before there was an element of a biased perception in their suggestions, brokers are there also as a great deal of help. Traders are generally pretty much left to their own devices, from getting advice on how to make investment strategies to literally understanding what the effect of the results of feedback mechanisms in their market is. Of course, it all depends on how anyone feels about this kind of autonomy. If anything, the advice of experts is that it is vital to research, particularly in the case of new traders. It is essential to learn as much as possible about the companies in which investment is being made.

This, as delicate as it may seem, is a very well-conducted study from the journal Addictive Behaviors. There is a substantial similarity between the feeling of people gambling and the people trading, of course, talking about excessive trading. This financial activity has to be seen like that, and when the coloring goes out the line, then we have to step aside, think, and get back on track.

Another minor but yet necessary to mention elements noticed at a disadvantage side is the fact that we become dependent on the internet connection. When it is not reliable, then problems may start. Also, errors of clicking twice or assuming over the completion of transactions even when there is no confirmation message at sight has cost significant investment to some traders. 

At the end of the day, we can all say that online trading is a business (as any other) with highs and lows, and it all depends on how well we are taking it can be very profitable for its investors. Trying online trading will, for sure, be an excellent thing for those wanting to have some independence in the system.

Daytrading With Stocks: 8 Strategies For Beginners

Day Trading what it is


Day trading is the stock method of buying and selling a stock within a single day. If you’re planning on daytrading with stocks online, you will close out of a position before the market close in order to secure your profits. Also, you can enter and exit multiple trades within a single trading session.

Day trading is done via trading strategies to capitalize on small price movements in high-liquidity currencies or stocks. By the end of this post, newbies will know some effective strategies to make a profitable trade.

Stock Trading Strategies

You’re not going to make any returns without a proper strategy. Without one, and you’re setting yourself up for failure while also missing out on good investment opportunities. Here are some strategies you should use to ensure that you’ll survive in today’s volatile stock market.

Start Small

As a first time trader, you should focus on one or two stocks a session. Finding opportunities is easier when you have a few stocks in your portfolio.

Recently, it has been common for traders to utilize fractional shares. For example, let’s say a share in Disney is about $250 and you only want $50 worth. Some brokers will allow you to buy it at 1/5th of a share.

Stay Away From Penny Stocks in the beginning

Most beginner traders tend to look for low prices and deals, but avoid trading penny stocks. These stocks have low liquidity, and the chances that they’ll hit the jackpot is rare. Many stocks that are traded at $5 a share are only tradable through over the counter and aren’t on the major stock exchanges. Unless you notice a clear opportunity, and conducted research, it’s better to steer clear from them. First get used to the stock markets, get some experience first and then enter the penny stocks.

Use Limit Orders!

Decide on what type of orders you want to use when you enter and exit trades. Do you want to use limit orders or market orders? When making a market order – it executes the trade when it’s at the best price available – thus, it doesn’t have a price guarantee.

Limit orders only guarantee the price of the asset, not the execution. Also, limit orders help with precision, where you can set the price for buying and selling. More experienced day traders might employ the usage of options strategies to protect their assets as well.

Stay Cool

There will be times when the stock market will test your patience. When day trading with stocks, you need to know how to keep your fears, hope, and greed at bay. Make your decisions by logic and try not to let your emotions get the best of you.

Risk Management

This is the most important lesson beginner traders can learn. You need to adopt a system that allows you to trade regularly. Is day trading with stocks worth it if you’re going to be broke by the end of the month?

Successful day traders don’t risk more than 1% of their trading account balance on one trade. For example, if you have $50,000 in your account, you’d only risk $500 in one trade. We suggest that you sit down with a calculator and gauge the numbers before you make a trade.

Follow Your Plan

Successful day traders move fast and think slow. Why? Because they’ve already made a trading strategy, and the discipline that’s needed to stick with it.

You need to follow your formula closely instead of chasing for profits. Don’t let your emotional side get the best of you and forget about your strategy.

Here’s a common mantra amongst professional stockbrokers “Trade your plan. And plan your trade.

Time Your Trades

There are may orders that are executed by traders and investors that are executed when the markets open, which contributes to the market’s overall price volatility. A veteran trader might be able to recognize patterns and capitalize off them to make profits.

But for beginners, it might be a better idea to read the market without making moves the first 10-20 minutes. The middle hours tend to be less volatile, and the movement starts to pick up before the day ends. While the rush hours offer good investment opportunities, it’s safe for beginners to stay away from them at first. I suggest you read our post about how to recognise buying opportunities.

Set Aside Time

Day trading requires a serious money and time investment. Chances are, you’re going to have to devote most of your day in order to be successful. Don’t consider daytrading with stocks if you don’t have the time to spare.

This process requires a trader that can spot opportunities and track the markets. Moving quickly is key if you’re trying to be successful in day trading.

Types of Trading Accounts

Part of your day trading strategy will involve selecting a trading account. There is a multitude of accounts out there, but you need to discern the difference between them to see which one works best for your needs.

Margin Account

Margin accounts allow you to borrow money from your online broker. This comes with the advantage of potentially boosting your profits, but you also run the risk of greater rules to follow and losses.

If you plan on day trading with no minimum, this might not be the right option for you. Most brokerage firms allow you to make a minimum investment before you can start margin trading. You might also experience a margin call, where the broker will demand a greater deposit to cover the potential trade losses.

Cash Account

Day trading with stocks using a cash account will allow for you to trade the capital within your account. This will limit your potential for profits, but it prevents you from losing more money in the long run.


When you want to start daytrading with stocks, using a broker is a good option. Remember, the broker you chose is important in making your investment decisions, so here are some points to look out for when searching for one:

  • Support: Whatever strategy you use when day trading with stocks, you’re going to need assistance at some point. Look for online brokers with strong customer support and fast response times.
  • Costs: The lower the commission rates and fees, the more viable the daytrading is. Active traders tend to trade often so minimizing these costs are vital.
  • Leverage, Margin & Spreads: Since you’re day trading with stocks, you should seek for competitive spreads – you might also want low margins and certain leverages.
  • Speed of execution: Because of the high amount of trades that you make in a day, the execution speed is important. This will help you get the price that you need when you need it.
  • Regulatory compliance: Find out if your online broker is regulated. They are legally obliged to protect your stocks and assets.


Even if you’ve never traded on the stock market before, you can still be successful. We’ve heard stories of traders who’ve made millions of dollars with only $1,000, but soon they’d hit the jackpots and master the stock markets. While these opportunities exist, your earnings will vary in reality.

Making a living in daytrading with stocks will depend on your strategy, patience, and commitment. The real question is, does your strategy work? If you have the energy and time to invest in the stock market, chances are you’ll be fine.


Oxford Lane Capital stocks dividends

Oxford Lane Capital Group

And that’s when Oxford lane Capital group stock comes in. We’ll analyze the stock and its value against its main competitor. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if its a good investment or not.

It’s not easy being an investor in this current day and age. The stock market is already a difficult concept for beginners at first; getting monthly dividends is also another issue that most stock options aren’t able to provide.

About Oxford Lane Capital Group

Oxford Lane Capital is a management investment company that’s publically traded in NASDAQ.  The company seeks to achieve their investment objective of maximizing their risk-adjusted return by investing in equity and debt tranches of CLO (collateralized loan obligations) vehicles.

The CLO investments might also include warehouse facilities. This is where their financing structures are used to aggregate loans that might be used to form the basis of a CLO vehicle.

Investment Portfolio

However, that’s just the surface of Oxford lane Capital group stock. CLOs account for 100% of their investment stock. 97% of it is in CLO equity and 3% in CLO debt.

What are CLOs? CLOs are debts that are grouped together by loan originators (leveraged lenders, banks, and others) and is sold to investors as CLOs.

While there are some restrictions on CLO production, the due diligence is harder on these assets. A bank lender or a business development corporation (BDC) can look at a debtor’s creditworthiness when planning on lending money. But the due diligence on a grouped collections of loans is significantly harder. (the increased difficulty is a great plot point in both the Big Short movie and book).

The chart below displays the valuations and earnings of Oxford lane Capital group stock:

Gross RevenuePrice/Sales RatioNet IncomeEarnings Per Share    Earnings/Price Ratio
Oxford Lane Capital Corp82.50M4.4848.27M1.3318.98
Great Elm Capital Group Inc.10.64M7.929.81M-0.400.00

Based on this graph we can see that Oxford lane Capital stocks is doing better than its competition. With OXLC, shareholders have a higher earning per share, making it the better option if you’re trying to short CLO stocks.

It’s clear to tell which company provides more value. Oxford lane Capital group stock has a higher gross revenue by 71.86 million. Additionally, their net income is over 38.46 million higher than Great Elm Capital Group Inc.

Let’s take a look their profitability. Based on the chart you can see that Oxford lane Capital group stock is potentially the more lucrative option:

Net MarginsReturn on EquityReturn on Assets
Oxford Lane Capital Corp.58.51%0%0%
Great Elm Capital Group Inc-92.20%-15.4%-7.5%

Investment Strategy

Put simply; Oxford Lane Capital Group investment strategy involves shorting CLO stocks. Investing in Oxford lane Capital group stock isn’t the same as owning bank stock. On one hand, its similar to bank equity exposure to credit risk by obtaining OXLC.

But, OXLC has a 2/20 fee structure that’s more of an incentive structure than the structure than the one that’s expected from your community bank. Based on OXLC’s semi-annual report, it charges up to a 20% incentive fee, 2% of base management, and a 7% hurdle rate (up to a provision).

Dividend Rates

Previously, OXLC would pay out their stock dividends at a quarterly distribution schedule. All of that changed last year. In December 2017, Oxford lane Capital group stock decided to pay dividends in a monthly basis in early 2018. In other words, one of its core investment strategies is to pay their shareholders in monthly dividends.

This was certainly a welcoming move that attracted more investors. Most of us have bills that need to be paid off monthly, so its great to have a monthly dividend income to help match with our expenses.

As of now,  the company now offers monthly dividends at $0.135 a share, which is paid by the end of the month. Due to its fast dividend payouts, we can see that their investment strategy is to provide value to their shareholders.

In fact, trading at $10.21 a share, Oxford Lane Capital Group has a 15% annual dividend yield.

Because of this, it has one of the highest yields within the stock market.


Based on their monthly dividends, profit margins, and competitor analysis, we believe that the Oxford Lane Capital stocks has the potential to do well in 2019. Like any investment option, it’s best that you conduct your own research before owning a share. If there are any questions you have about Oxford lane Capital stocks, please share them in the comment section.



Image Sources:

Dividend stocks

Dividend stocks: a way to build a passive income

Dividend stocks

Dividend Stocks

What are dividend stocks?

Dividends stocks are stocks of companies that share the profits  with their shareholder. So let’s say company A had made a profit. Let say the profit is 100 USD. And let’s say that company A have only 100 stocks standing out on the market. They decide that want to share ( which is often called as distribute) the 100 usd profit to the 100 stocks. So this means if you had one stock of this company A, then you will get a dividend ( company A’s profit ) of 1 USD. If you own ten of these stocks then your dividend would be 10 USD.

Type of dividend stocks

There are many types of dividend stocks. I will just discuss the most popular types with you.

1. Normal Growth Stocks

Normal growth stocks are stocks of companies that are focusing in growing their business. Most of the time they give you very little dividends. The reason for that is that company need the profit to invest in growing their business. When they see that they have  too much cash reserve, they are starting to increase the dividend or buy back stocks. This way they increase the value of their stocks. A few examples for growth stocks are Apple, Google, Facebook stocks and so on. These company usually give out dividend once or twice a year.

2. Close end funds

Close end funds are funds that are managed by the managers of a investing fund. Close end funds borrow money or give out in stocks ( to get capital) to invest in companies, stock markets, forex markets and so on. By investing in the right things these managers make profits. And with these profits they share it with their shareholders right away or as soon as possible. Most close end fund give dividends quarterly or monthly. To avoid heavy taxation, these funds share 90% of their profit with their share holders.

3. REIT funds

Reit funds are a bit like close end funds. But the main difference is that these funds are primarily focussed on real estate or mortgages. These funds makes their profit by collecting rent , buy and sell real estate, giving out mortgages and building and leasing of properties.

How to build up a portfolio of dividend stocks?

Before you start working on building your dividend stocks portfolio, you need to make clear to yourself what the purpose is of this portfolio. For example do you want that this portfolio to cover all your life expenses or do you want to replace your income. Once you decide what you want. Then you can start on working building up this portfolio of dividend stocks.

How to manage the risk?

So what is the best way to manage your risk? Before you start buying, make a list of stocks which one has the highest yield, research their business and the market that they are operated in. Don’t put all your money in one dividend company but invest in a few. This way if company A one day reported that they want to reduce the dividend it won’t hurt you hard. ( it will hurt you because you get lesser dividned and stock will lose their value) Because still have company b, c,d that are doing well. Another tip is when you research take a look at the dividend pay out history. If a company miss the dividend pay out often, then I highly recommend you not to invest in this stock or fund.

how to invest in ethereum

The Road To Riches: How To Invest In Ethereum

How to invest in Ethereum

In the beginning, there was only Bitcoin. The Bitcoin blockchain was created by Satoshi Nikomoto in 2009, and although nobody paid much attention to it back then, it has changed the world in recent years.

People have become cryptocurrency millionaires over the course of the past two years just because they purchased a bunch of Bitcoin when it only cost 30 cents and then forgot about it. In mid-December 2017, however, Bitcoin hit a record high of almost $20,000. Since then it has yet to cross that threshold, and many investors think that it is no longer worth investing in.

However, those professionals have been investing in what they call the “New Bitcoin.” This is Ethereum, and if you’ve read anything about cryptocurrency, then you’ve no doubt heard of it. It’s faster, cheaper, and has far more real-world applications that Bitcoin does. If you haven’t started yet, it’s definitely a good time to invest in Ethereum.

Ethereum was first created by Vitalik Buterin at the end of July 2015 as a solution to some of the scaling issues that Bitcoin was running into, and to create a platform for developers to create blockchain-based software and applications. It is now the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

In 2017, Ethereum went to the moon. At the beginning of the year, it’s value was less than $10. By December, it was worth over $1,300. Needless to say, Ethereum made a lot of people rich in a short amount of time! Countless people wish that they could go back in time and invest in Ethereum.

As Bitcoin is slowly losing both popularity and value, people are looking to Ethereum to take up the mantle of the number one cryptocurrency in the world. They are predicting is value to rise exponentially further in the same manner that Bitcoin did. This is one cryptocurrency that you don’t want to miss out on. Let’s look at how you can begin investing!

Find an Exchange and Invest in Ethereum

how to invest in ethereum

how to invest in ethereum

Ethereum is currently traded on every major exchange on the market, which means that it’s easier than ever to invest in ethereum! The most accessible exchange to use right now is Coinbase. You can link your credit card or your bank account, and after they verify your account (which only takes a few hours), you could be making your first investments! They also have an incredibly easy-to-use mobile app so you can keep track of your accounts everywhere you go.

Many people complain about the excessive fees that Coinbase charges to make purchases and transfers. If this is a concern for you, there are quite a few other reputable exchanges out there such as Mt. Gox and Gdax. Find one that you’re comfortable with, and that has a trustworthy reputation, invest in ethereum and stick with it.

Read The Graphs

Most exchanges provide easy-to-read graphs so you can see the complete history of Ethereum. You can track it’s hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly progress, with just a few small clicks. You can zoom in and track micro-activity, you can see the current market cap (how much money is currently invested into Ethereum in total), and the price of Ethereum in relation to Bitcoin and the Dollar.

The best way to determine price is by the total market cap. It’s a relatively simple system; the more money is invested into the currency, the greater it’s perceived worth will be, and the higher market value it will have.


If you get one thing from this article, remember to hold (or “HODL” as veteran crypto investors like to say). Cryptocurrency tends to make drastic changes almost overnight. It can double in value over the course of a week just to dramatically crash over the weekend. While this can be scary for new investors, it is just how the game is.

If you lose 50% in a day, don’t panic. This is entirely normal, and if you hold onto your investments for another few weeks, then you are guaranteed to back on top in no time! If you do find yourself making huge gains, it’s a good idea to trade some in for fiat. Just make sure not to liquidate all of your funds at once.

There’s a saying by crypto traders that goes, “never buy the peak, and never sell the dip.” The best time to buy Ethereum is when it dips. Don’t panic sell as everybody else does. Wise traders invest in Ethereum when it drops. Keep holding onto what you have and buy some more. You will definitely make it all back weeks or even days later.

We wish you the best of luck in the coming months. Happy trading!






top 5 ico febuary 3

The Top 5 Most Promising ICO’s of February

It’s February, and despite the recent dip that we’ve been experiencing, it’s a better time than ever to invest in the cryptomarket. Any veteran crypto investor will tell you always to buy the dip, and this is the lowest that the market has been in months. That means the potential for big returns in the coming months is huge. However, market downturns like these can steamroll small ICO’s that don’t have any lasting potential.

This is what stops a lot of people from investing during these troubling times. You should never stop investing, though. The trick is just to invest smarter. You need to invest in ICO’s that have real-world applications and solve actual problems, instead of just providing another digital wallet. So with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best ICO’s that have a real potential to explode in the coming months. Let’s take a look.

Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain (VLB)

top 5 ico febuary 1

top 5 ico febuary 1


These guys have a really interesting business model. They want to fix the auto industry. For decades, the price of cars has skyrocketed and along with it, the price of automotive engineering, repair, and even cab fare. The reason that prices for these services are so astronomical now is that everything is centralized. There are a few leading companies who control vehicle and auto parts distribution, and whatever price that they charge dictates everything else in the market from insurance prices all the way down to how much you pay for your tires.

VLB wants to fix these problems with the blockchain. They want to create a decentralized platform for people to buy and sell cars, create ride-hailing services (like Uber), and to connect to automotive repair centers. This will take power out of the hands of the banks and large companies, and put it back into the hands of the people.

GoNetwork (GOT)

top 5 ico febuary 2

top 5 ico febuary 2

GoNetwork was created by three friends who’ve had a career in the gaming industry. They want to solve Ethereum’s scaling problem by allowing off-chain transactions. Right now, what’s holding Ethereum back from scaling as much as it should is the fact that it can only process 8 transactions per second. GoNetwork seeks to reduce the current strain and long transactional times by allowing people to transfer cryptocurrency via peer-to-peer connection off of the blockchain.


Rentberry (BERRY)

top 5 ico febuary 3

top 5 ico febuary 3

Unlike most ICO’s Rentberry has been around for a little while and has built an excellent reputation. They’re trying to make home and apartment rental easier than ever. Rentberry is using blockchain technology to automate all of the tedious bureaucratic processes. They want to make it easier than ever for property owners to rent out their homes, and easier and cheaper for tenants to move in. They are going to allow members to fund each others security deposits in return for rewards.

Node (NODE)

top 5 ico febuary 4

top 5 ico febuary 4

Node is harnessing the new wave of energy technology; wireless charging devices. Their first prototype is a wireless phone charger, and from there they are planning to expand into the industrial, medical, and automotive industry. They have big plans, and with the recent success of their prototype, they are set to skyrocket over the course of the next year as more and more companies are adapting to wireless charging technology.

SociFi (GIF)

top 5 ico febuary 5

top 5 ico febuary 5

SociFi wants to provide free data to the world. They plan on doing this by making large global companies pay for it. All over the world, there are people who have smartphones, but who either can’t afford or don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices that most service providers charge for data.Basically, users would download the SociFi app, and they would be given the opportunity to view advertisements and media that is related to a large company such as Coca-Cola.. In exchange for interacting with the media, the company would pay for a certain amount of free data for the SociFi user.

Not only does this bring internet and data access to underprivileged areas, but it also provides a whole new outlet for multi-billion dollar companies to advertise. SociFi already has a successful business model and has done the same thing with WiFi in the past few years. They also already have the support and backing of Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Uber, Windows, and Nuevo Pudahuel.


Don’t let this rough market turn you away! Take advantage of the sales while they last because we guarantee that they won’t be around forever. This year is going to one of the biggest years in the cryptomarket yet, and the prices are only going up this summer. Don’t be the last one to board the train!





ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

Investing in ICO’s : Ten things that every investor needs to know

If you’re going to be investing in ICO’s, then you need to be well-informed. There have been too many stories about people who threw all of their money into an ICO that promised them good returns only to lose all of their investment either because the ICO was an outright scam or because they couldn’t deliver the product that they said they would.

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

Investing in ICO’s can be both exciting and rewarding, but you should know these 10 things before you put any of your hard-earned money into one.

#1- What Countries Do They Allow?

Before you are  invest in a ICO, the first thing you need to know is if citizens from your country are allowed to invest in the first place. Due to various laws, and to prevent the possibility of a “pump and dump” many ICO’s restrict ICO’s to a few select countries.

#2-Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Currently, every ICO either takes Bitcoin or Ethereum. Sometimes they offer bonuses depending on which currency that you invest with. If you read the ICO’s whitepaper, it should clearly outline what currency you should invest with and what address you should send it to.

#3-Do You Need A Wallet?

Most exchanges don’t allow you to deposit cryptocurrency directly to a known ICO address. It’s usually a violation of their terms and conditions, and doing so can result in you losing your entire transfer. Because of this, you will need to have a digital wallet from which to transfer your funds before investing in ICO’s.

#4-Do They Offer Bonuses?

Most companies offer bonuses to individuals who are investing in ICO’s. Usually, the more money you invest initially, the greater return you will get when their token launches. This is a way to reward the heavy hitters who are seeking to make long-term investments into the technology.

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

#5-Do They Solve Problems?

Much of an ICO’s success depends on their ability to solve a problem. Sometimes they seek to fix a real-world problem such as decentralizing the power industry, or sometimes they try to fix a problem with the blockchain by speeding up transaction times.

Before investing in an ICO, you need to make sure that they can be successful in the long run. The most successful ICO’s are the ones that solve problems and benefit both people and the blockchain industry.

#6-Do They Have A Roadmap?

A business without a plan is doomed from the beginning. Before you invest in ICO’s, always make sure that they have a roadmap outlining their future goals and how they plan on achieving them. The more detailed, the better.

#7-Do They Have A Good Reputation?

Before investing in ICO’s, you want to be sure that they have a good reputation. This is the best way to protect yourself from getting scammed by shady individuals who set up proxy ICO’s, and then run off with peoples investments. Because of the decentralized and anonymous nature of cryptocurrency, it’s often impossible to find scammers like this.

#8-Do They Have Any Backers?

One way to gauge an ICO’s potential is to look and see if they have any reputable backers. If the company is recommended by notable figures in technology, the government, or blockchain, then the chances are that the ICO is legitimate and has a decent future ahead of it. Big names usually will not risk tarnishing their reputation recommending bad ICO’s to people.

#9-What Is Their Price Prediction?

This can be hard to tell, but you can usually speculate what the token price is going to be once it hits the market. Of course, nobody can ever put a 100% accurate price on this, but if you look at the charts, graphs, and market cap, then you should be able to make an average prediction of the value of a token in the coming months.

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

ten thing to know before investing in ICO’s

#10-Do They Have A New Idea?

Possibly one of the best indicators to look for before investing in ICO’s is if they have a new idea. An ICO can have a great idea, but if it’s been done a hundred times before, then it’s not going to have much chance of long-term success.






Ups and Downs of the iPhone On the Stock Market

Apple responds to the battery war

To help prevent abrupt shutdowns. This was the official explanation offered by Apple when it became apparent towards the end of last year that an update was apparently not always an improvement, and that the company was deliberately slowing down older iPhones with every new update in order to aid their already struggling batteries and prevent unexpected shutdowns.

The company reacted strongly to allegations, insinuating that older models were being slowed down deliberately in order to drive the sales of newer models. What really seemed to trouble users the most was that the admission only came after Reddit started to notice and blog about the fact that when they replaced their batteries with newer batteries, phones showed better overall performance.

This prompted an investigation by technology benchmarking firm, Primate Labs. Software analysis clearly showed artificial reticence pointing to outside and intentional tampering by Apple. Apple finally conceded, and admitted to having made changes to the way the older models operated after the release of the findings by Primate Labs. They also admitted to having done so without the necessary consent from the phone owners and users.

The company said that it was necessary to slow the workings of older phones in order to compensate for ageing batteries, which could no longer cope with the demands of the new software updates.

The problem with the explanation is the fact that other smartphone manufacturers have not identified the need to do the same, with Apple having identified the need to make amendments to phones that carried batteries that were not even a year old.

Customer Confidence Stock Price Building Bricks

Customer confidence is what ultimately drives the price of a share. It’s this very basic principle that firmly holds together bricks in the wall of the economy. It then comes as no surprise that immense fluctuations are becoming an everyday thing as far as the stock market and the value of Apple shares are concerned.

Apple’s sack of problems recently grew to astronomical proportions as Russia joined the Apple-slamming bandwagon. Two Russian law firms are going at it again in local courts, trying to make a buck or ten out of the manufacturer for the slowing down of phones without the consent of users. Local courts may not strike too much fear into the hearts of manufacturers or the stock market at that, but the problem lies with the negative publicity as well as the fact that court trends tend to spread like wildfire.

The sudden litigation against the manufacturer in Russia follows similar proceedings instituted by law firms in Israel and France, late in 2017. Australia, South Korea and Canada are expected to join the party next.

Apple is no stranger to court cases, but for many users what happens in court is irrelevant. Apple has been late to the party in many ways, with features like wireless charging, already prevalent in other model phones, only now coming to the fore. The lack of progression, and the fact that they have now admitted to slowing down older models doesn’t bode well for consumer confidence, or for their stocks and shares.