Hi everyone.

I’d like to introduce myself as well.

My name is Cassy. I am from The Netherlands, live in my own little apartment in the middle of downtown Rotterdam.
I started trading when I was about 22 years old, which is 4 years ago, you can do the math to guess my age ;).

Why did I start trading?
Well, I’ve always been one to look for ways to earn money, because I’ve always disliked working for someone else except myself. The only jobs I’ve been able to “hold” were jobs that were free of boss intervention. Jobs where I was able to work from the comfort of home. Because of my IT background, I was lucky to have found some of those jobs during my younger years.

One day, a new friend told me that she trades. She showed me that she made a bit of “side-money” by just speculating on the stock market with Plus500. She didn’t do much of research or analysis though, but still made a bit of money. It intrigued me. So the nerdy side of me went researching, found a ton of ways to trade and a ton of stories. It was then I knew this is one of the ways to make money without having to work for someone else. This is when I knew that I want to become good at this.

The beginning sucked though. I started in the Forex market, because the huge leverage and the nice trading times interested me. I started trading during work, during school classes, just whenever I could. It was extremely exciting. I made some nice starter money, but within a blink of an eye (overnight) I lost my equity (which was a lot, especially for a student). This took me back to real life. I knew that success comes from failing, because you gain experience by making mistakes. So I didn’t give up, but went for a bit of different approach.

Where am I now?
From there, I decided to be more patient, I started taking trading classes for six months straight, which is free for students here. I joined some chat channels where traders, with a lot more experience than me, helped each other. Now, after 4 years I finally started to make some steady money with trading, what I never could have thought of a few years ago. I still have a long road to go, though, to be able to make this my living. But on this site, I’d like to share my journey, my experience, my past mistakes in the hope that it’ll help you and I hope to inspire more people to just try it! It might not be for you, but it might as well be the best thing you’ll ever do in life. I know it is for me.

So yeah, welcome! I can’t wait to get to know you all a bit more.