Trading is a lot like life. Interview with Sergey Novikov, the winner of $500 in Rally Trade contest.

It’s human nature to draw comparisons: juxtapose facts and look for parallels between certain events. Sergey Novikov, the winner of round 177 of Rally Trade believes that trading, like life, grants a multitude of opportunities. The important thing is how you use them.

Make use of opportunities reasonably

I started trading Forex relatively recently, although I’d heard of it before. My primary occupation is my household, and in my spare time I’m getting “drawn” into the realm of financial markets little by little. Like any other business, trading has its pros and cons. If handled properly, trading, like life, provides virtually unlimited prospects and a myriad of opportunities. But you should use those opportunities reasonably, and with proper risk management. For example, extensive market analysis appeals to me, so I concentrate on it.

I didn’t win the contest on the first try

I usually look through charts to get new trading ideas. In fact, I choose trading instruments based on whether I like their charts. Right now I’m only getting to know various brokers. So far I’m satisfied with Grand Capital in all respects, I hold a favorable opinion of the company, everything’s right and proper. I decided to participate in Rally Trade because it was interesting to try my hand in trading in nearly real-life conditions. I didn’t win the contest on the first try, my success is the result of several attempts and to a large extent I owe my victory to luck. I still don’t consider myself a professional, I’m yet to learn a lot about trading and I’m ready to do that.