Interview with Grand Capital contest winners

We regularly hold trading contests and interview our winners. However, since Grand Capital has many contests and many winners, we decided to change the format of this news section. We value the substantively of information most of all. That’s why from now on we are going to gather several reviews of our winners in a single newsletter. Traders share their impressions of the past contest rounds and tell about profitable strategies, and we sum up the most interesting moments.

We present to you the feedback of our recent winners. Today we have two “Drag Trade” winners, one “Rally Trade” winner and a “Futures Trade” winner.

Denis Bulatov, Russia, the winner of 340th round of “Drag Trade”:

I became a trader by accident. About five years ago, I saw a Forex commercial and decided to give it a try. I learned trading on the web: downloaded video lessons and visited forums. I didn’t meet any particular difficulties while learning. The most important thing is patience, the rest will come. The most unsuccessful trade happened when I was a beginner. Then I learned what gap for $1500 after the weekend is. I didn’t close my positions on Friday, and on Monday I was shocked. Long story short, I learned my lesson the hard way. So here goes my advice for the beginners: do not leave opened positions for a weekend. I prefer trading with USD/ZAR (South African rand) pair in contests, but I don’t use it on my real account. I chose Grand Capital primarily for the diversity of contest. I love competition, when it doesn’t drain my wallet. Luck and a little of experience helped me win. I wish everyone successful trading!

Didik Dharmadie, Indonesia, the winner of 180th round of “Rally Trade”:

I’m 32 and I live in Bengkulu City, I work in telecommunications industry. First time I heard about Forex from my friend. Almost everything I know about trading, I learned from him. Forex is quite popular in Indonesia, especially in my city. Many private companies offer brokerage services here. In trading, I use trend lines and fundamental analysis. The only problem is that sometimes it’s difficult to cope with your emotions after lost trades. My most memorable trade was when GBP plummeted and couldn’t recover for several months. “Rally Trade” contest helps polish your trading strategies, including intraday trading. The prize is a pleasant addition, of course. My advice to beginners is not to give up after losses and difficulties. Keep practicing and you’ll learn to control your losses with time. Also, master money-management techniques, they’ll help you manage your risks!

Andriy Neznayko, Ukraine, the winner of 45th round of “Futures Trade”:

I don’t have a lot of experience in trading. I’ve been trading for a little over half a year. Once I saw my acquaintance earn 11 USD in 10 minutes on Forex. Now I understand that it’s bare minimum, but then it impressed me. I watched a half an hour film about Forex, grasped the key-note (buy for less, sell for more), learned the terms, talked to people on forums. So, I decided for myself that was possible. My strategy is simple: move with the trend. It’s no surprise they say “Trend is our friend”. As a beginner, I often approached customer support. Grand Capital experts always helped me and answered all my questions. I like the diversity of contests that Grand Capital offers. Having read the interviews with the winners I realized that people actually participate and win. And I said to myself “Why not me?”. Guys, what I’m saying is, learn, try, listen to your experienced colleagues. But draw your own conclusions!

Mehmat Seylan, Turkey, the winner of 342nd round of “Drag Trade”:

I’m a student and don’t work yet. I started trading because I wanted stable extra income. In Turkey Forex is quite popular, but at the same time is over-regulated. For example, maximum leverage offered by local brokers is 1:50. I learned to trade on my own. Started with Internet articles, then read more serious books. Nothing brings my such pleasure like a profitable trade. In trading I follow the market trend and use several moving averages for determining the current situation on the market. The entry and exit points I get using Fibonacci retracement. Usually I trade with GBP/JPY, GBP/CAD, AUD/JPY, XAU/USD pairs, but on my demo account I try other instruments. The contests help polish your skills, and in case of victory — bring money. What I want to say to beginners, is learn more and keep trading, until you find your own method.

You can read the contest rules and sign up for the next round here.

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