Interview with contest winners. “Trading is the highest paying job”

The seventh interview round-up is completely dedicated to our Drag Trade contest. Four recent winners told us how they had come to financial market and how they had learned to trade.

Oleg Zharskiy, the winner of round 361

“I got interested in Forex seven years ago. First, I started trading on a demo account. It actually seemed quite easy. Then I tried trading on a real account and blew my whole deposit. I thought, that won’t do, and started reading analytics, studying indicators and following financial news. Eventually, I began to keep a trader’s log, where I recorded all my mistakes. Usually, I prefer scalping and trading on news. I use MACD, stochastic oscillator, ichimoku. My favorite currency pairs are USD/JPY, GBP/USD, GPP/JPY. I’ve been participating in contests for a long time. Very often I finished on almost winning positions in Drag Trade, but always fell short. Finally, I did it, the high volatility helped me. My piece of advice to beginners: take part in contests, read analytics and analyze your mistakes. I wish you profitable trading and high revenues!”

Roman Senevsky, winner of the round 362

“”I got acquainted with forex in 2009. At that time I was working at the plant, receiving a minimum wage. This prospect did not please me. One day I learned about forex from an advertisement and about the money that you can earn trading. I believe that a trader is a highest-paid profession in the world. The market has no supervisors, no relatives who would control you and a free work schedule, the ability to trade from anywhere in the world.
I did not become a trader just like that: first I carefully studied all the information I could find on Forex and took a two-week course. To successfully trade, you have to think before making decisions, follow the news, evaluate the situation. Here we need a cold calculation and mental stability.
My most unsuccessful trade happened in December 2012 and involved EUR/USD pair and $5000, which I lost. My preferred currency pairs are EUR / USD, GBP / USD, AUD / USD, and sometimes also Gold. I try to follow the trend from support and resistance levels. When choosing a broker, you should pay attention to favorable trading conditions, high speed of the platform, fast execution of orders, a timely technical support and fast withdrawal of funds. Grand Capital has never failed me with all this. “Drag Trade” is a great contest, especially for beginners, as it allows you to earn real money. However, it is difficult to win here: the competition is very strong. I had to trade aggressively, make risky entries. The main thing is to choose the most volatile pair.”

Albert Udayev, winner of the round 363

“One day I was looking for a job online and came across a forex ad. This is how my trading career has started. I have been a trader for five years since then. I like trading because I don’t depend on anyone here. The Internet is now full of information on Forex trading. You just need to have the desire to study hard and work hard. Of course, as any other field, trading has its downs. But it has never stopped me from making it my profession. My worst trade happened during the Brexit turmoil.
Like many, I was sure that Britain will remain in the European Union, did not set a stop loss and failed. Therefore, before you start trading, you need to reflect on every aspect. My main strategy is based on analysis of support and resistance levels and channel breach.
When choosing a broker, I pay attention to several factors. For example, how many years the broker has been on the market, and, of course, the spread, technical support, withdrawal and deposit options. Grand Capital meets my requirements. I took part in the contest to test my skills without risking money. I liked that the contest takes only one hour and there are no strict rules. My advice to beginners is: control your emotions, learn and be persistent.”

Anton Bukin, winner of the 364th round

“I came to Forex casually by seeing advertising on the Internet two years ago. I stayed because I had the opportunity to feel financially free. At the beginning I didn’t encounter many difficulties: I simply looked at the chart and learned slowly. In general, I trade Majors, following the trend. My best trade so far is the sale of the Swiss franc and +2200 points by take profit in one day. When choosing a broker, the first thing I look at is the reputation. I am really satisfied with Grand Capital. The contests are great. Prizes, ratings in real time – everything is of high standards.”

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