“I am a girl so I like to trade Gold”. Interview with Astutik Ervi Ana Dewi, winner of Drag Trade contest

The winner of round 366 of Drag Trade contest gave such witty replies to our questions, that we’ve decided to publish the complete interview. Anna lives in Indonesia, she has been trading for two years and regularly participates in different Grand Capital contests. In her interview, Anna told us why trading attracts her and also shared a couple of funny stories about a trader’s everyday life.

Tell us how you started trading

I learned about trading from a friend of mine. He told me about Forex, explained the basics. I wanted to try it myself. And here I am — trading for the past two years.

How did you learn to trade? What was the hardest thing at the beginning?

As I had already learned the basics from my friend, the advanced stuff I learned from the internet. The hardest thing for me was to fight my greed. It is a typical mistake of any novice, I think. Your brain says: “More profit, more profit!” But in reality, this may end badly. One needs to learn to stop when it is time to stop.

What attracts you in trading?

I like to take on challenges. Trading is all about that. When I receive profit, it brings me joy and inspires for further wins. And when things go not as expected, it strengthens you and gives you a much-needed push. Trading is not so complicated. The main thing is to control yourself and make profit.

What about Forex in Indonesia? Is it popular there?

At the moment trading is extremely popular in Indonesia. It attracts young and old. Even people of creative jobs start trading. There are many brokers on the market as well, both local and international.

Do you remember your most profitable trade?

My most memorable trade was when I opened an order by mistake. I wanted to Buy, but accidentally pressed a wrong button and put a Sell order. But the trade turned our to be profitable.

What is your trading strategy?

I only use my own trading strategy and never copy other traders. In MT4 I use zigzag. I also study candlestick analysis and follow the market news. I never open trades prior to important events.

What are your favorite trading instruments?

As I am a girl, I like to trade Gold:) Also, it is the most stable asset.

What do you think about the contest?

I liked the main prize — $200. Besides, “Drag Trade” offers comfortable conditions: small timeframe and the process is quite simple. Luck was my main success factor. I was sure that the market would move in the right direction and was bringing in more lots to receive more profit.

And finally, give some advice to novice traders

I think that it is very good for novices to analyze market movements. The better you can predict the direction of the next move, the easier it will be to open positions. And always use funds on your accounts wisely, especially when determining the number of lots.