Grand Capital weekly recap (12 – 16th of June)

In our weekly recap, we show how traders of Grand Capital spent the previous trading week. See the results our clients achieved from the 12th to the 16th of June.

The most active client

Placed 971 trades, including 511 profitable ones and 460 that resulted in a loss. The majority of trades involved EUR/USD pair.

Maximum deposit growth

In one trading week on a single account was $27 524.

The most profitable trade of the week

Resulted in a profit of +$10 827,39. The trade was open on the 1st of May at 17:41 and closed on the 14th of June at 16:14.

The most interesting trading instruments chosen by the clients:

  • # FTSE — is a futures contract for the British index FTSE 100. Traded on the LIFFE exchange, a branch of NYSE Euronext. The contract size is calculated by the formula: £10 multiplied by the current index quote. One pip costs £5. FTSE 100 is a leading index of a British Stock Exchange. It is considered one of the most powerful stock exchange indicator in Europe;
  • # LEAN HOG — a deliverable contract for 40 000 pounds of pork carcasses. The price is in cents per pound. Minimum pip: $10,50. The leading pork producer — Iowa state;
  • # KO (The Coca-Cola Company) —American food company, the world’s largest producer and supplier of concentrates, syrups, and soft drinks. The most famous product of the company is Coca-Cola. Included in the Fortune 500 list for 2015 (62nd place);
  • # MSFT (Microsoft Corporation) – one of the largest multinational software companies that produce various kinds of computer equipment: personal computers, game consoles, PDAs, mobile phones, the developer of the most widely distributed software platform in the world – the family of Windows operating systems;
  • # YANDEX — Russian multinational company that owns the Internet search system with the same name, Internet portals, and services in several countries. The most prominent position is in the markets of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

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