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      Mad Max

      I have notice that Bitcoin is in a bullish trend for the last 6 months. Does anyone have experience with trading bitcions? Does anyone trade bitcion CFds?

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      Hi there MadMax,

      I own a few bitcoins myself. Its for a longterm investment.
      But right now it offers some really good trading oppertunites.
      The oil price and the chinese stock markets have influence now at the moment. If the chinese markets are going the bitcion usually go up. ( That’s what I have notice the last few weeks)
      I have been trading bitcoin cfds at Plus500.

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      Frankly speaking, I put it as too risky to trade with BitCoins due to the unstable movement. I prefer simple way of working on currency with payment processor deposit options. I work with Vinson Financials and with them I always enjoy currency pairs since there is a huge list I can select from while they also have negative balance protection to make my job much easier and that’s where I like to stay away from BitCoins since it’s way too complicated.

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        Hi John Gordon,

        I have to disagree with you about #bitcoins, it’s not that difficult as it seems. There are many ways to trade bitcoins. At some brokers such as Plus500 and they offer cfds on bitcoin.
        At the moment they are enough logical reasons of why Bitcoin will continue to go up in value. If you have invested in Bitcoin last year then you return would be around 80%-90% now. Just by owning the bitcoin.
        At plus500 they also have balance protection for trading cfds of bitcoins

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        Great information! Thank you! Never heard about Plus500

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      Firstly Khanh thanks for the reply, I think you are right Bitcoins can be good investment just like that only, but again one needs better understanding for make it happen and unfortunately I believe at present I have pretty much no clue about it, although I know about the potential movement, but been in Forex I prefer to focus on simple thins instead of stuff like BitCoins, I am mostly used Skrill with Vinson Financials and sort of been comfortable at it, but again whatever you said is definitely something one should consider seriously.

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      I never tried trading bitcoin before. I usually trade forex. How to trade bitcoin? Is it same with trade on forex?
      Until now, i also still try to maximize broker facilities, including their promotion for trading in forex. New client in Freshfore can try to maximize no deposit bonus $1 000

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      recently, Bitcoin has reached its never before market cap of $41 billion. (see Bitcoin price bursts sharply). Price rose significantly this year compared to the last and its making a huge impact in the financial world.

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      Very interesting. Thank you for this information but I still prefer fiat currencies over crypto. Cryptocurrencies volatility is also what attracts a lot of investors and make it possible for the industry to develop so quickly but I prefer low volatility currencies. I decided to join fx community after reading instaforex review.The best broker for the beginners.

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      You can really make money on trading bitcoin, only for this, in general, you need to understand well how the market works and how it will behave at one time or another. It is quite difficult to analyze, but if you learn, then everything will quickly pay off. Well, or you can try gambling at a casino – in genera l, some people classify forex as gambling, but in reality the differences are simply colossal.

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