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bitcoin $5000

Bitcoin $5000 USD This year??

Bitcoin $5000 valuation is coming!

Since my last post in January about the Bitcoin of how it would perform this year. I knew it was going to grow in value but to be honest I didn’t expect that it would grew in value this hard. At  the moment of writing this blog, Bitcoin is currently traded at 2395 USD.

So what has happend? Since the legalisation of Japan on Bitcoin and having more countries taking a interest in Bitcoin. The volume of demand for Bitcoin have increased rapidly. Like madness.  Here take a look at these graphs.

Why is the demand increasing? |  Bitcoin $5000

  • Central Banks are increasing interest rate again. When interest rate increased then it means you hard earned money will decrease in value as good and services are increasing in price. That is why clients of investment firms, hedgefunds, institutional investors are investing big in Bitcoins. They don’t want that their wealth be decreased in value just because the goverment messed things up like India last year.
  • Bitcoin is getting more and more accepted around the world. More merchants and consumers are starting use Bitcoin as way to buy things. Since the legalisation of Bitcoin in Japan, the trade volume in Bitcoin went sky high.
  • Because of Bitcoin price increase, investors are interest in investing in alt coins such as Ethereum. And for investors to invest in most of these alt coins they need Bitcoin. This way Bitcoins are still needed. In order to buy other crypto currencies you will need Bitcoins


This year there was a major growth in merchants that accepted Bitcoins as payment. Now why would they do that? For me it obvious that more and more customers are wanting to pay their products/ services in Bitcoin or any other crypto currency. Japan for example is going to have  more then 260.000 stores that are going to accept Bitcoins and Ethereum as payment this summer. The whole bitcoin fever is huge! South Korea, Russia, Thailand are all currently looking if they are going to legalize bitcoins or not.

So why is it so huge? Why are people using bitcoins instead of the old cash? People are using bitcoins for a lot of different reasons. We think that the number one reason that people are using Bitcoin or are investing in Bitcoin, is that they are fed up with politics and central banks for manipulating the currencies to their disadvantages.

Like for example in Europe. The ECB is doing their best to make the European economy better. With the tools they are using it has some side effect. One of the effect is a low interest rate. Some banks are struggling to make a decent profit. So they lower their cost by firing people and decrease the interest rate. Which means that people are getting less interest on their savings account.

For some people the interest rate that they used to receive for saving their money on the bank went negative. Which means that for every pound that you are saving. You will have to pay the bank to have your money at their bank.

Kinda weird though since most of these banks were saved by your tax money. The ECB is not the only one. Almost all central banks around the world are trying to boost their countries economy. With the side effect of making things more expensive for  the normal people while their money becomes less valuable. And the richer became richer and richer. It’s not fair right? To get justice for the normal hard working citizens, Bitcoin was brought to life. The same applies for other crypto currencies.

Users| Bitcoin $5000

While more people are using Bitcoins to pay. The mainstream public are not using Bitcoins to pay right now at the moment. Because they don’t know what the real value of Bitcoin is.( Because all what the mainstream media does is informing how insane it is that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies became so much worth!). But we think that in time the mainstream public will slowly get to know about what the real value of crypto currencies are. We think that the majority that are using Bitcoins right now are merchants. Why? Because with Bitcoins merchants  can get more advantages if they play it smart. Because with Bitcoins you don’t need anyone to make a transaction. So this means that the merchants doesn’t to have pay a transaction fee to the banks or to any other middleman. This way it will save them money.

And another thing is that merchants have to worry less about the value of the other currencies if they are doing business international. Both parties can just agree upon a fixed Bitcoin price. So you don’t have to worry about that your profit might decrease because the GBP has become too expensive or too cheap in comparison with other currencies.

Bitcoin $5000 USD valuation this year?

With huge growth of start up companies that are active in the crypto currency world. Mainly in Bitcoin and Ethereum, it will be just a matter of time before the mainstream public will start to use Bitcoins and other crypto currencies types. On the short term there are countries like Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Australian, who are planning or looking into legalizing Bitcoin. And with gold rush that big investors and investment funds are having for crypto currencies, we think that there is a good chance that Bitcoin $5000 USD value will happen this year.

Plus500 Tutorial - How to use the CFD broker Plus500

Plus500 Tutorial: How to open and close a trade in Plus500


Plus500 Tutorial: How to open and close a trade in Plus500

Opening and closing a trade is simple in Plus500. A trader with a Plus500 account can trade CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Commodities , Options and Indices.

Below I will explain to you how to do this and what the options mean that you see during opening a position.


  1. Finding an instrument that you want to invest in
  2. Difference between short and buy
  3. Stock information screen explained
  4. Short and buy screen explained


Finding an instrument that you want to invest in

  1. Login to your Plus500 account via the webtrader. Create an new account if you haven’t done it yet.
  2. Click on ‘Real Money’.
  3. Login and in the menu at the left side of the page, click on ‘Trade’. Here a list of all tradeable instruments can be seen. Now Plus500 is one of the few online CFD brokers who has that many instruments, so you can trade stocks, commodities, indices and forex from all across the world.
  4. Now for the sake of learning, let’s say you want to trade in the USA stocks  of Apple (iPhone, iPads anyone?). You now go to: Trade -> Shares -> USA -> AN-AW and find Apple in the list. You could also just search for ‘Apple’ in the search field at the top left corner, next to the Plus 500 logo.
  5. Openandclose1When you click on the Apple row, information about that specific stock is displayed on the right. In the next section I will explain to you what this all means.
  6. For now, important to know is what the difference between short and buy is.


Difference between short and buy

In the screenshot above you must have noticed two options: short and buy. For the people who know a bit more about trading, simply put this is the same as going bear and bull. Whereas short is the same as going bear and buy is the same as going bull.

For the people who don’t know what I’m talking about:

Going short means you anticipate that the stock will go down. Let’s say you short a stock at £20 and tomorrow the stock value becomes £15. You will have made a profit of £5.

Buying a stock means you anticipate the exact opposite. You think the stock is going well, so the stock will increase. Let’s say you buy a stock at £20 and tomorrow the stock value becomes £25. Your profit is £5.

Of course these are just examples, if you are using Plus500 you’ll also get leverage and your profit (or loss) will most likely be a lot more.


Stock information screen explained

When you click on an instrument in Plus500 you will be displayed a screen with information about that instrument. Let’s take Apple for example again. Look at the screenshot below. I clicked on Apple and information about that stock is displayed on the right now. Plus500 gives a couple of important information here, which I will explain in detail below.


The first thing you see is the title: Apple (AAPL) this is the stock you selected. Between the brackets the stock symbol is shown. This is the stock acronym that is used worldwide to identify that stock. Sometimes a stock name can be a lot a like, looking for that stock with the unique symbol makes it a lot easier to find that stock.

Next you’ll see pricing information of this stock. The current high and low values are shown here. This is taken right out of the Yahoo! Finance page. You can also see how much the price has changed in percentage in comparison with the opening value of that day. When the stock market is closed, you’ll see the line ‘Trading is closed’.

The line ‘Traded at the Nasdaq Yahoo! Finance’ just tells you where the stock belongs and where you can find it on Yahoo! Finance. Nasdaq the second-largest American stock exchange, usually consists of a lot of technical companies.

Next there are two buttons available. Short and buy and below this the value of the stock that you will short or buy. You see a little difference here. This is called the spread, the spread is what you pay to the broker as a commission. This usually is not a lot, depending on the stock’s popularity and value. Be careful with this, because to profit you need to make more money than you pay in the spread. When opening a stock I suggest you to try it in demo mode, to see how much the spread is exactly.

In the last section there is some more information available. If you don’t see it, click on ‘Info’ to uncollapse this information. I will explain to you the most important information:

Leverage: this is not the same everywhere. It usually is 1:10, but in Forex it usually is 1:100. Leverage is a way to make your money worth more than it is. Let’s say you want to use £100. A leverage of 1:10 means your £100 is worth £100 * 10 = £1000. This means with only £100, you can buy stocks that is worth a £1000. Yes, this means you can make 10 times more profit, but this also means you could lose 10 times faster. This last thing sounds scary, but Plus500 gives us a negative balance protection. This means you cannot lose more than your deposit. This means that if you deposited £100, you can profit from £1 to £99999 (infinite) and only lose a maximum of your deposit £100! In my opinion this is awesome.

A more detailed explanation about CFD stocks and leverage can be found here.

Premium: If you keep a position open overnight, a night premium is added or substracted from your position. This means you pay a small amount of money overnight (or you gain it). This is very low usually, so I don’t pay much attention to it. As you can see Apple’s overnight buy premium is -0.0093% of your position.

Premium time: This is the time that the premium is done. I almost always keep my position open for a night and I have never really noticed premium much.

Maintenance margin: This is important information, because if your position goes below this margin your position will be automatically closed. So to keep your positon open, your current account balance needs to exceed this margin. Thankfully, this isn’t much either. I usually deposit £100 and use that £100 completely in a position and this position can be kept overnight without it autoclosing on me. If you open a position, this margin will also be automatically calculated for you in the top header (look for M. Margin) – so you don’t even have to calculate this yourself.

Expires daily/expiry date: I have never noticed this much. I don’t think this applies to stock, but might apply to something else. Just make sure to check if this is ‘No’.

Trading hours: This is important to know. Plus500 automatically changes this time to your timezone. An American stock is usually open from 9.30 am to 4 pm American time, but the time shown here is in your own time. Which is great and makes it so much easier to time your trades well.

Now you understand the information screen. The next screen to explain is the screen when you want to open a position.


Short and buy screen explained

Now let’s say you want to buy Apple. Click on the Buy button. This is what you will see now:


The short screen has the same information, so I will explain this only once.

The Plus500 short and buy screen is very nicely done with the user in mind. It gives great information and makes it easy to open a trade. The first thing you see is the stock name and symbol. The current value and the percentage of movement since the opening time.

Now to open a position you need to decide how many shares you want to buy. Let’s say here youw ant to buy 5 shares. The value of this 522 dollar, which is the same as 488,59 euro. Plus500 automatically takes the foreign exchange price of your currency and the one the stock is using, which usually are dollars. This is great, you don’t really have to pay much attention to this. Also, because Plus500 is giving you leverage of 1:10 of this stock, you only need 55 dollar to buy 5 shares that is valued 522 dollar. Amazing right?

So really you only need to pay attention to the ‘Required Margin’. This is the amount that will be substracted from your account to use in the position. So not the value, but the required margin. This is important.

Next you have ‘Close at profit’ and ‘Close at loss’. These options give you the ability to let Plus500 automatically close your position when the stock value reaches a certain value that you set. This is great if you don’t have the time to close it yourself and want to let it happen. Also, if you are losing this guarantees a certain loss. So instead of losing your whole position, you only lose what you want. Or the opposite: profit what you want.

Guaranteed stop sets an absolute limit on your potential loss. The position will be closed at the value you specified, even if the market gaps suddenly, your position will be closed at the value you specified.

The advanced section I will explain in a later article.

Below this section, the information I explained earlier is displayed again for your convenience.

When you are ready, just click on the big blue button ‘Buy’ and your position will be opened. This position will be shown in the left menu at ‘Open positions’. Or in the stock list, under the stock itself.

Don’t forget, to truly learn how to trade, you need to try it yourself for a couple of times to be able to get the hang of it. Try it out with small amounts of real money first to feel how you react to profits or losses. This is important to know of yourself prior to trading.

*How to buy and sell bitcoin on Plus500*

*How to buy and sell Ethereum on PLus500*


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The topics below are coming soon:

  • Plus500 trading methods and tactics
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of Plus500?
  • Important things to know when trading with Plus500

Plus500 Tutorial - How to use the CFD broker Plus500

Plus500 Tutorial: Deposit and withdrawing money


Plus500 Tutorial: How to deposit and withdraw money in your account

Depositing and withdrawing money is simple and a fast process with Plus500.


  1. Depositing money
  2. Withdrawing money
    2.1 Withdrawal status


Depositing money

  1. Login to your Plus500 account via the webtrader. Create an new account if you haven’t done it yet.
  2. Click on ‘Real Money’.
  3. Login and in the menu at the left side of the page, click on ‘Funds’ -> ‘Deposit’.Deposit1
  4. Choose your preferred money transfer method. All methods are deposited immediately, except for wire transfer which takes 1-3 business days. Important note: when using a creditcard Plus500 asks you for additional verification documents, which are just a copy of the front and back of your creditcard with your name visible. This process might take 5 minutes up to 24 hours, so take this into account! After doing this, the next time you deposit with your creditcard, the money will be deposited immediately. aa
  5. After finishing your familiar money transfer method, your deposit will be shown immediately on the top header of the webtrader. Try opening a position immediately!


Withdrawing money

  1. Login to the webtrader. Choose ‘Real Money’.
  2. In the menu at the top left. Click on ‘Funds’ -> ‘Withdraw’.
  3. You can only withdraw your money via wire transfer. You need your IBAN + Swift and UK accounts will also need their Sort Code. If you don’t know this, ask your bank or visit your bank’s website. The Sort Code is usually your branch number.
  4. After filling out your details, just click on ‘Open a Withdrawal’.Withdraw1
  5. All done! Withdrawing money takes up to 5-6 business days before it’s shown in your bank account. I have noticed that at some days it could even be in your bank account in 3 business days.

 Withdrawal status

  1. To see your withdrawal status. Go to ‘Funds’ -> ‘Monetary History’.
  2. On the third column you can see the status of your withdrawal. I noticed that if the cancellation button is still here, the withdrawal has not been checked or processed yet. When this button disappears, your withdrawal is being checked. After approval your withdrawal status changes to: ‘Approved, not sent’. When this is changed to ‘Approved, sent’, your money is already underway to your bank account and your money is definitely coming in 1-2 business days.Withdraw2In this screenshot I don’t have any withdrawals yet as I have created a new account so I could make this tutorial. 

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The topics below are coming soon:

  • Plus500 trading methods and tactics
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of Plus500?
  • Important things to know when trading with Plus500

Plus500 Tutorial - How to use the CFD broker Plus500

Plus500 Tutorial: Using the Software


This section covers the following topics while using the Plus500 software. We will start with how to open and verify your Plus500 account using the software, scroll down to view the steps. If you’ve already done this, feel free to skip to the next topics.

The topics below are coming soon:

  • How to get free bonus money?
  • How to deposit and withdraw money in your account
  • How to open and close a trade in Plus500
  • Plus500 trading methods and tactics
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of Plus500?
  • Important things to know when trading with Plus500


How to open an account using the Plus500 software

Software download link:

Downloading and installing the Plus500 software is easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. First, open the link:
  2. Then click on “Download our Windows trader”. Or download from a direct link (and you can skip to point 5).
  3. The next screen appears. Click on Download Now!
  4. Now your download will start and depending on what browser you use, you can start it immediately.

    Internet Explorer
    Google Chrome
  5. Execute the downloaded file, Plus500 will now install on your computer immediately. Wait for this process to finish.
  6. Plus500 will then automatically start up and you’ll see the following screen.
  7. Since you don’t have an account yet, click on New User.
  8. Fill in your email address and password.
  9. Click submit.
  10. You will be automatically redirected to a welcome page of Plus500. You can close this page and continue on the Plus500 software. 6

    How to get a verified account?

  11. Here a few steps are required to create a fully approved account. Click on Funds Management for this.
  12. Plus500 will now ask you a few mandatory questions. Fill everything in, then click Done.
  13. Plus500 will start processing your information, wait for it to finish.9
  14. You are now redirected to new screen, here you will have to upload your ID, which is a copy of your passport, ID card or driving licence. Click on Upload to find a copy of your ID.
    Tip: Take a photo of your ID with your mobile phone and email it to yourself.
  15. Once you’ve selected a copy of your ID, wait for the upload to finish.
  16. Once uploaded, you’ll get this message: “Your uploaded files are currently being reviewed – this process is usually completed within several minutes.” Dismiss this message by clicking Ok.
  17. In the next screen you can see that your copy of ID is now under review. Once this message changes to Verified, you’re good. Close this screen.
  18. There is also another document that you need to upload to fully verify your account and to be able to start trading. Click on Funds Management again.
  19. Now click on Verify Account.
  20. You’ll see that your ID is already uploaded, what’s missing is a proof of residence. This can be a photocopy of an entire utility bill or bank statement. The only obligation is that your name, address is on it and that the document isn’t older than 6 months. Click on Upload once you have one. Wait for the upload to finish. Your Address section will now also be Under Review.
  21. In the next screen you can see my Verified account. I have also verified my email address which is easy to do. You don’t need to verify your phone number. Once you get this one, you’re ready to go!

Congratulations! You can now start trading with real money using the software.

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Plus500 Tutorial - How to use the CFD broker Plus500

Plus500 Tutorial: Using The Webtrader


You have chosen to use the webtrader as your main platform for trading with Plus500. You can always switch and use another platform later, as your account is kept cross-platform. Below are the topics that we will cover while using the webtrader.

The topics below are coming soon:

  • How to open and close a trade in Plus500
  • Plus500 trading methods and tactics
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of Plus500?
  • Important things to know when trading with Plus500


How to open an account using the webtrader

First of all, I will explain how to open an account using the webtrader.


  • Choose “Switch to real money” on the upper right corner (see screenshot at 1).
  • Click on “New user? Sign up now!” at the bottom right corner (2).
  • Fill in your details and click on “Create Account” (3).


How to get your account verified

  • To get a verified account and to start trading right away with money, first click on “Funds” in the menu. Then fill in your details, enter the questionnaire questions and finish.


  • Afterwards, you will be redirected to the “Verify Account” page. Where you need to upload your ID and proof of address. You can also verify your phone number and e-mail address for extra free bonus money.


  • To verify your documents, simply click on the “Verify” button and upload the documents. Afterwards, Plus500 will check your documents – usually within 5 minutes. Once checked, you’ll see that your account is now verified.


  • Congratulations! You can now start trading with real money.

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Plus500 Tutorial - How to use the CFD broker Plus500

Plus500 tutorial: How to use the CFD broker Plus500

Plus500 Tutorial - How to use the CFD broker Plus500

Plus500 Tutorial – How to use the CFD broker Plus500

What to expect in this Plus500 tutorial

Plus500 is an online broker with an easy accessible platform, where you can trade CFD stocks / shares, Forex, Indices, Commodities, ETFs and also Options. The Plus500 trading platform is a powerful CFD trading tool that let’s you trade the world’s most popular financial instruments at just one place. You can open an account in just 5 minutes. So let’s get started with this Plus500 tutorial.



The topics below are coming soon in the Plus500 tutorial:

  • Plus500 trading methods and tactics
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of Plus500?
  • Important things to know when trading with Plus500


Mobile app (coming soon)

  • How to open an account in Plus500 with the mobile app
  • How to verify an account with Plus500
  • How to deposit and withdraw money in your account
  • How to open and close a trade in Plus500
  • Plus500 trading methods and tactics
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of Plus500 for trading stocks?
  • Important things to know when trading with Plus500


Why have I chosen Plus500?

Plus500 is in my opinion one of the easiest and most reliable platforms that you can trade with and I have tested a lot of online brokers. In this article I will explain to you in detail on how to open an account in Plus500 and also on how to use it. Read our Plus500 review about them to see more reasons.

This tutorial is divided into three sections. Each section covers one of the Plus500 platforms:

Each section consists of the topics that were stated above. The steps are similar, but the buttons and areas to click could be on a different spot, so the screenshot per section will be different.

First of all, decide on which platform you want to use

So the first question is important, how do I open an account in Plus500? Thankfully, opening an account is easy, but there are a couple of steps that you have to take.

First of all, decide on how you want to trade.

  • Using the software: If you’d like to download the software and install it on your computer, go to the following link and click on download now:

    The advantage of downloading and installing the software is that it is more reliable, as it has a better response time when you install the software compared to using the webtrader. A swifter response time can help in limiting losses, but it really depends on how you trade.
  • Using the mobile app: If you’re on the road a lot, the mobile app could be your best option. It has a slighty different interface, but is as quick and fast as the software. I personally love the app as it makes it possible for me to trade anywhere I want where I have an internet connection. To download the app, just look for Plus500 in your app store.

Once decided, go to your chosen platform to continue this tutorial:


The topics below are coming soon in the Plus500 tutorial:

  • How to deposit and withdraw money in your account
  • How to open and close a trade in Plus500
  • Plus500 trading methods and tactics
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of Plus500?
  • Important things to know when trading with Plus500

Mobile app (coming soon)

  • How to open an account in Plus500 with the mobile app
  • How to verify an account with Plus500
  • How to deposit and withdraw money in your account
  • How to open and close a trade in Plus500
  • Plus500 trading methods and tactics
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of Plus500?
  • Important things to know when trading with Plus500

Find out here on how to make money with CFD Trading : Make money on simple way with CFD Trading


What does Plus500 do with my money?

Ever wanted to make money whenever and wherever you want? Start trading now and receive a 25 dollar welcome bonus

Plus500 money care

Transparency is important when it comes to investing your money. When you are depositing your money into an online brokers account that could be scary, because the risk of losing it is present. This article is to show you what our reviewed online brokers do with your money. By making this process transparent, you should find it a lot less scary to invest your money.

Before investing any of your money you should always follow a couple of simple rules. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your online broker licensed and regulated?
  • Does your online broker comply with the FCA rules and regulations?
  • Does your online broker have negative balance protection?

Making Plus500 transparent

We have researched Plus500 before opening our own accounts here and to answer the above questions about Plus500.

Yes, Plus500 is an online broker that is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Licence No. 250/14).  They are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909).

And yes, they also comply with its regulatory requirements. Below I’ll explain what makes it safe to use Plus500.


Client money protection

One of the regulatory requirements that is directly connected to us as the users is client money protection. This means that your money is protected, literally. When you open an account with Plus500 your funds will be held in accordance with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission’s client funds rules. Under these rules, Plus500 pays each client’s funds into a segregated client bank account. This means the money you deposit goes into a separate bank account. They do not use your money to do anything for themselves.

Furthermore, Plus500 is debt free, has substantial liquidity and significant surplus regulatory capital reserves over its regulatory requirements. This means, because of having more than 1 million clients worldwide that carry out millions of transactions per month, they have enough reserved money to protect yours.


Negative balance protection

Another thing worth mentioning is that you cannot lose more money than you deposited, as Plus500 is one of the few CFD online brokers that offer negative balance protection. This means you do not owe the broker money in case your account has a negative balance (goes below zero). It could happen that a trade moves so fast that the money you used to open the account isn’t enough. With negative balance protection Plus500 automatically closes your position when it goes below zero, which is called margin call. This way you cannot lose more than you deposited. I think this is extremely important to know as there are many online brokers out there that doesn’t have it.


Withdrawing money with Plus500

Withdrawing money is easy. There are just a couple of steps that need to be done. You have to upload a couple of identification documents first. This is to ensure no money laundering (fraud) and to be sure that the money you deposit goes into the right person’s bank account, so nobody can steal from you if for example by any chance they’ve hacked your account. This means you can only withdraw your deposited money to a bank account using the same name as your identification document.

These are the documents that you need to upload:

  • Address verification document (must be a bill that has your full name and address on it)
  • Any ID or passport.

Withdrawing money does not cost anything and usually takes up to 3-5 workdays, which isn’t long at all. My personal experience is that my withdraw shows up within 3 days if I use the wire transfer method.


Depositing money in Plus500

As for depositing money with Plus500, it’s also easy. The following methods are accepted:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayPal
  • iDEAL

After using one of your favorite forms of payments, it is displayed in your account immediately and you can use it immediately. If you don’t want to use the money you deposited anymore. No problem! You can just withdraw it again anytime, without any additional costs.


Please also check out our other tips on how to recognize a good CFD broker.


These few reasons is why we have chosen Plus500 as our favorite online broker, because it’s safe and we are not scared of depositing our money in their platform. We trust them. Also, we are already making a small extra income every month by using it.

If you have any trouble, please let us know and we will try and contact them for you to solve your problem. Got any other questions? Please feel free to comment below this article.