Buy and Sell Oil On Plus 500: A Guided Tutorial

When you buy and sell oil, you are increasing your ability to grow wealth. This tutorial will teach you how to utilize Plus 500, a reliable online broker who sells stocks, commodities, EFTS, forex, and cryptocurrencies. Oil and gas powers virtually each activity that everyone does. Gadgets, Cooking appliances, lights, cars, and other electronics are basic needs for human living, and each of them run on oil and gas. Like other investments, oil and gas is controlled by a number of factors (market, oil reserves, etc). We’ll help you understand why you should buy and sell oil, and how you can create a risk free account with Plus 500 so you can start trading today.

Advantages of Oil Investments

Profit margins always raise once a deep well exploration reaches an oil reserve. The return of the investment will be at least 10x – 15x larger than your initial capital. The wells can pay off,and rich wells have a span for years. A good oil reserve can gain profit up to 2-3 months after discovering it. Having a diverse portfolio that has multiple investments in oil will create a balance once the stocks start to stumble. This due to the economies of gas and oil being indirectly proportional to each other. When oil reaches a high price (which it does on occasion), you can survive a economic shutdown. This means that you’ll have a stable stock portfolio in the event that your stocks aren’t increasing in value. We suggest that you buy and sell oil to ensure that you obtain high profits and have diverse portfolio in the case of a bull market.

People who buy and sell oil also receive tax benefits. This is true especially if you invest some capital in limited partnerships.You’ll receive tax-protected income by up to 15%. Once the stock goes below value due to a lack of resources, private investors can still obtain a positive cashflow and gain allowances. Investors in oil also benefit from a concept called Intangible Drilling Costs. It occurs when a percentage of a user’s income becomes written off in the first years to cover and pay for incidental expenses.

How to Buy and Sell Oil

When starting an account with Plus 500, you’re introduced to a myriad of financial instruments that you can trade. For example, you are able to buy shares, foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies, and obtain oil at an affordable price. To start, you must open an account with Plus 500. It’s simple as it only requires your email address and a secure password to get started. Once you’re email is verified, you can start demo trading oil within a real-time environment.

To find oil on Plus 500’s exchange, click the “Search For Instruments” tab and type oil inside of the box. This will directly lead you to popular oil shares that you can start trading immediately. Alternatively, you can click ETFS > Commodities in order to show the multiple oil shares within the market.

how to buy and sell oil on plus500 -1

how to buy and sell oil on plus500 -1


If you’re trying to buy a share, click on the BUY button. This allows you to set the amount you want to invest within oil. We suggest that you buy at a considerable amount to reduce the amount of risk when trading oil within the exchange.

how to buy and sell oil on plus500 -2

how to buy and sell oil on plus500 -2


For selling, press the SELL button that’s placed to the left of the BUY button. In this screen, you’ll be able to sell off your shares and close the position. In order to gain the most profits and reduce your profit risks, you should always set stop-losses and stop-limits within each trade.

How to buy and sell on Plu500 broker

How to buy and sell on Plu500 broker


Users like trading on Plus 500 because of its easy to use interface. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll start creating your own custom trades with oil within the commodities market. To improve your results, try using a myriad of investing strategies in order to receive higher returns on your initial investment.

Concluding Remarks

As an investor, you should buy and sell oil to increase portfolio diversity, increase the rate of returns, and give you tax benefits due to owning it. Get used to trading on a demo account before you start to engage in real trading to protect your income. Once you’re ready, make a real trade and place your strategies to the test the realistic market. Plus 500 makes it easy for users to invest and benefit from trading oil. In conclusion, research what you’re investing first and make a safe decision based on your strategies and observations.








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