CFDs Dividends – How does it work? Find it out here

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CFDs dividends. Did you know that you could get dividends that are paid on shares with CFDs? It is really simple. In this article you will get to know when to invest in cfd’s to get the dividends. And you will find out how the dividends dates will  influences your CFDs dividends position. If you don’t what CFDs are then please read this: CFDs.

CFDs dividends: How does it work?

Before we are going into CFDs dividends let’s check out how the dividends payments work on shares. When you own shares there are three important dates that you must know and remember for the dividend pay out. The first date is called ex-dividend date. If you bought shares before the ex-dividend date then you are entitled to get the dividend. However if you buy shares on the ex-dividend date or after then you are not entitled to receive the dividend.

The second date is called the record date. This date record last three days right after the ex-dividend date. In this period the investor must held their stock position in order to get the dividend. The reason for this is that it takes three days to settle the purchase of shares. The third date is the payment date. Its a fixed date where the company will pay the dividend to their shareholders. Usually this date takes after 2-3 weeks after the record date.

So how does the dividend payments works when you are having cfds dividends on these shares? Let’s say you are trading in these CFDs dividends of a certain share. Now you probably know that there are various charges and credits when you have open a cfd position. The dividend adjustments is one of these credits. Typically, the actual dividend payment made by a company is usually made a few weeks after the ex-dividend date. For instance, XYZ Company might go ex-dividend on the 3rd August but pays the dividend money on the 3th of September, however when owning a CFD dividends position for this period you’ll be credited the dividend on the following business day. Great isn’t? Well it is just one of the advantages of trading in CFDs dividends shares.

CFDs dividends: The influence on price changing

When you hold a long position in CFDs dividends shares, and held it the day before the ex dividend date, then you become entitled to receive a payment equivalent to the amount of the dividend. Remember that you must be in the position before the ex-dividend date to receive the dividend. For instance if the share you controlled through a CFD went ex-dividend on Wednesday, then you will need to have bought these CFDs dividends shares at least on Tuesday to earn the dividend credit.

If you are shorting the CFDs dividends shares then the  situation will be different as you now owe the equivalent of the dividend, and it will be debited to your account. Holding a short position is good in one way, because you get paid interest instead of paying interest on the margin as you do when you are long, but this is one place where you have an immediate apparent loss.Thus, if you are short selling a share or other securities (i.e. standing to gain from the position if the share price falls in value) and you are short prior to the ex-dividend date, then you will owe the dividend.

However the situation is not so clear in reality as it is described above. The reason for this is that  you must also consider is that the share price will change on the ex dividend date to reflect the amount of the dividend, more or less (although some traders make use of a dividend trading strategy to exploit market inefficiencies). On the ex dividend date you can expect the value of the shares to drop by nearly as much as the amount of the dividend, which maintains a level equity for the conventional shareholder.What this means in  is that your long CFDs dividends position might take a hit, even while you are receiving funds for the dividend amount. The short position will make a profit which offsets the dividend debit to your account.

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