Facebook Notify news app: Will it succeed?

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Facebook Notify News app

On the 4th of November Facebook announced that they will roll out a new app. The name of this app is Notify. In this blog you will get to know what this Notify app does , what its revenue model is and discover wether the Facebook Notify news app will be a successful or not.

What is Facebook Notify news app? And what does it do?

So what is this Facebook Notify news app? Well basically it’s an app where the users can subscribe to a certain publisher. When a publisher published news, new content, new video ect. the user will receive a notification that something has been published. For example:

Let’s say you have subscribed to a organisation that publish content about trading the stock market. Whenever this organisation publish a new blog about trading the stock the stock market, the Facebook notify news app will notify you about it. This way you don’t have to worry about missing out or reading the news too late.

What is the revenue model of Facebook Notify news app?

At the moment this not very clearly. But we can assume that the revenue will be like at the one from Facebook Instant articles. Where Facebook share 30% of the advertising revenue to it publishers. Which means that they will keep 70% of the revenue to themselves.

Will Facebook Notify news app be a succes?

This a great question. There is a good chance that Facebook Notify news app will succeed. As there appears to be a market for news app. Early this year Snapchat , Twitter and Apple have launched a news app. Yes even Apple has launched a news app and it is a succes as it already has 40 million readers. And the fun thing about the Apple news is that it is only available in a few countries. Its not worldwide yet.

Another reason why Facebook Notify news app could be a succes is that Facebook Notify News app is a evolution of Facebook Instant articles where publishers are happy with Facebook. Its one of the reason why big news companies such as the BBC, Vogue, Washington Post and CBS have joined Facebook in the Facebook Notify news app.

Content on Facebook Notify news app wont be a problem and finding advertisers for to advertising won’t be a problem either for Facebook. The only challenge that Facebook is engaging and getting new users to use the Facebook Notify news app on their mobile phone. Facebook has been successful at attracting new users to the Facebook app and it’s messengers app. But it had failed with establishing stand alone apps. Especially the ones that were focused on the young audience. Apps such as Poke and Slingshot had failed to get a substantial users.

The reason why Facebook Notify news app will succeed in getting users more then at Poke and Slingshot is that it has well known Publishers such as the BBC , Times, Washington Post, Mashable ect. that will publish content on Notify. These well know media company are known for publishing good quality of content and sure it will draw some its readers database to use Facebook Notify news app.

Facebook Notify news app is basically another app where Facebook can gain a new audience for advertisers. The bigger the crowd the more advertisers Facebook will have which leads into a increase in revenue and profits. If Facebook is indeed to launch its Notify app next week. Then we might see in the next quarterly report if this Facebook Notify news app is a succes or not.

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