Trading succes story: A young guy turned $9,700 Into $360,000 by trading

Trading success from $9600 to $360.000

Trading success story

Hi guys,

Check out this awesome interview. His trading success story is amazing.  This guy turned turned $9,700 Into $360,000 by trading penny stocks. Of course it didn’t go in a straight way. He made some losses on his way to the $360,000. Once he made huge loss. That loss was so huge that he stopped trading for a few days. But he didn’t gave up on trading. Instead he was determined to improve his strategy and trading success was a must. Check this interview and learn how he improved his strategy and what his final strategy is.

What have we learned here from this guys trading success story?

  1. You need to have a proven strategy. ( read here more on how to trade like a pro: 5 steps to trade like a pro)
  2. Quit your losses quickly
  3. minimise  your downside risk
  4. Pick trades that is low on risk but have high rewards
  5. Let your winners ride
  6. Analyse your trades , understand what you are doing wrong.

How did this guy make his comeback after his first big loss ?

In this interview the young trader says that he took a break from trading for a week and a halve and he took also a break from his social life. He took the time of what went wrong. Researched and study it and then improves his strategy. It took him 3,5 months to get back his lost from trading the stock market.

The biggest lesson that he learned is to quit the bad trades fast. And he doesn’t put all his money on a single trade. What he does now he divides it in percentage of his total cash. Like for example if he trade stocks then he only put up a percentage of his total investment money.

One more thing is that this guy makes his trades mostly from his Iphone. Watch this interview because you learn more stuff for trading succes.

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